Architecture in Berlin - D is for Dreifaltigkeitskirche - Holy Trinity Church

(Mohrenstraße/Mauerstraße, Friedrichstadt)

The Holy Trinity Church was built in 1737 by order of Friedrich Willhelm I, King in Prussia and Elector of Brandenburg. Designed by architect Christian August Naumann, this was one of two circular churches in Berlin (the other was the Bethlehemskirche a few blocks south).

The church was damaged in an air raid in 1943. The remaining structure was demolished by East German authorities in the following years. The North Korean Embassy was built on its place between 1969 and 1975.


Shakespeares totenmaske. Von Paul Wislicenus. Darmstadt, H. Hohmann [1910]

1. Title page

2. “Das Grabdenkmal in der Stratforder Dreifaltigkeitskirche vor 1624″            The grave monument in Stratford Trinity Church from 1624

3. “Stratford-Bildnis nach der Denkmalbüste”  Stratford-portrait after the memorial bust

4. “Zincke-Bildnis nach dem Stratforder Bildnis” Zincke portrait after portrait Stratford

5. “Ely-Bildnis nach Droeshout dem Älteren”  Ely - portrait by Droeshout the Elder

6. “Felton-Bildnis nach Droeshout dem Jüngeren”  Felton - portrait by Droeshout the Younger

7. “Das Berühmte Chandos-Bildnis Shakespeare’s unretuschierte Original-Photographie”  The famous Chandos portrait of Shakespeare’s original unretouched photograph

8. “Englisches Jansen-Bildnis nach Chandos mit dem Ausdruck von Droeshout d. Ä.”  English Jansen - portrait by Chandos with the expression of Droeshout the Elder

9. “Deutsches Jansen-Bildnis nach dem englischen”  German Jansen - portrait after the English

10. “Gilliland-Bildnis nach Chandos mit Droeshout-Ausdruck” Gilliland - portrait by Chandos with Droeshout expression