I’m going to wildwood tattoo convention this weekend and after the big piece on my back I just got, my parents want me to SERIOUSLY stop for awhile. But how do you say no to cheap (compared to shop price) tattoos from people all over the world.
So I have been thinking of getting “So it goes.” On my forearm, running through faded scars.
I’ve been reading other peoples views on “so it goes” and what the quote means to them and it’s all pretty much the same. Some deal more or less with the book. But this described it so perfectly for me, “A reminder to go with the flow, to not sweat the small stuff, and to enjoy every moment because life is fleeting.” And it continues to talk about getting over the little bumps and hills we face in life and to remind us that we CAN conquer them.

That was my rant for the night, thanks. 😘