Ok, so I’m reading some evidence dirt dredged up by MRA types, and it appears that Germaine Greer is a tiny bit utterly terrible and completely fucked up. Anybody knows anything about her to comment?

(I mean, sure, radical feminism, fuck yeah, rage against the man machine, scream defiance, transvaluation of all values, this is all awesome. But her?)

This stupid fucking… I dunno, she seems to have ARGUED AGAINST BIRTH CONTROL IN THE THIRD WORLD. How stupid and evil can that be?

(I mean yes, TERF, that is practically to be expected… but all the other lunacy?)

Why is femslash the smallest genre in the world of fanfiction? Why is femslash the most underrepresented relationship type by a sizeable margin? More importantly, why is it that almost all femslash writers are queer women? Male slash pairings are written by straight women, queer women, and even some men (I say “even” because men are rarer than a two dollar bill in the world of fanfiction) and they’re read by a mostly female audience. Femslash has a completely different ideology, because it’s almost exclusively written and consumed by the community it portrays. Unlike a straight girl writing about two boys having sex (and I guarantee that they’re two conventionally attractive white boys whose female love interests have been deemed either worthy of death or asexual by the fandom), femslash is written by those whose identities and personal narratives are reflected in the stories themselves. Maybe the writer of that erotic scene hasn’t had sex with a girl yet, but damn, she has thought about it a lot. That queer author writes two girls falling in love even if they’re straight in the original work because two girls falling in love means something to her and to so many people like her, and it’s important that she sees herself in a piece of media whose canon forgets she exists. One of the great frustrations of LGBTQ media is the fact that so little of our representations end up coming from LGBTQ-identified creators, and thus we see inaccurate portrayals with limited diversity. Femslash exists because we were sick of being told we didn’t exist, so we wrote ourselves into their stories.
—  excerpt from a very long piece I’ve been working on for autostraddle about femslash and why there’s so little of it (and why we need to make more of it NOW)

Alexander White: One of the natural wonders of the world is about to have 3 million cubic metres of seabed dumped on top of it.

The site where the dredging will take place is “just around the corner” of a beach that is used as the nesting grounds for endangered green and flat back sea turtles. Something that I didn’t know was that the flat back turtles nest solely in northern Australia and “have the smallest migratory range of any marine turtle”. This is crazy.

I don’t usually support Greenpeace, but they have created a petition against the plan. Please sign.


ALSO, updates and ways to help can be found on this website:

SYDNEY, Sept 2 (Reuters) - Australia will abandon plans to dump 3 million cubic meters of dredged sand into the Great Barrier Reef area in its effort to create the world’s biggest coal port, the Australian Financial Review reported on Tuesday. …

BREAKING NEWS - TAKE ACTION NOW! Link will also be on blog under petitions

Australian authorities have approved a project to dump dredged sediment in the Great Barrier Reef marine park as part of a project to create one of the world’s biggest coal ports.

About 3 million cubic meters (106 million cubic feet) of dredged mud will be dumped within the marine park under the plan.

The already fragile reef will be gravely threatened by the dredging, which will occur over a 184-hectare (455-acre) area. Apart from the risk that the sediment will smother coral and seagrass, the increased shipping traffic will boost the risk of accidents, such as oil spills and collisions with delicate coral beds, environment groups argue.

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Read more: http://bit.ly/1decyqK

iron bull, on the eve of a battle that will be difficult, that will be trying, that doesn’t promise everyone will return safely, sharing a drink with his inquisitor. he laughs, despite himself, and drinks to suppress the immediate feelings of unease. when the inquisitor goes to their quarters, he follows. that night he sleeps with the inquisitor against his chest, encompassed in his arms.

in the dredges of the night solas lays awake by the fire with the inquisitor. they sit together, and by firelight solas traces the scar on the inquisitor’s palm. under his breath he speaks a litany of elvish prayers, each as much a praise as a blessing. when the inquisitor asks what it means, he touches the translation from his lips to their own.

dorian, amidst low whispers and fervent kisses, touching the inquisitor’s cheeks and searching inside their eyes for giveaways of trepidation. he gives up with a small scoff and a faint smile, charismatic and yet entirely vulnerable at the possibility of loss. he claims the inquisitor’s hand in his own and doesn’t let go for the rest of the time they sleep.

on one of the highest of skyhold’s spires, sera and the inquisitor look out above the vastness of the night sky. sera turns her gaze to the inquisitor and simply stares, eyes wide. the inquisitor questions this, and instead of giving a straight answer, sera leaps forward and buries her head in their chest, arms wrapped tightly around them. 

at the wartable cullen goes over battle plans meticulously, over and over again until late in the evening. he sees the inquisitor sitting at the head of the table, the first time he remembers they are with him, it seems, and without warning strides over to them and claims their lips, attempting to say what his words cannot.

blackwall stands, alone, contemplating how many ways a shield and a sword can be used to protect something dear. when the inquisitor comes to bring him inside to them, he looks at the insignia of the inquisition on their armor, then to the one of the grey wardens. he pulls the inquisitor close against his chest and reminds them of what protection means to a warden.

josephine is content to stay in the inquisitor’s presence. they communicate in gestures instead of words, and she places light touches to the inquisitor’s hands, waist, and finally their collarbones. she reaches into her clothes and pulls out her own necklace, smiling warmly as she folds it into their hand.

while the inquisitor sleeps, cassandra lays with them awake, muttering prayers to the back of their neck as she holds them. each time the inquisitor stirs she stops, and resumes when she is sure they are asleep again. finally, she closes her eyes and whispers, "may the maker bring you back to me."