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Hazel/Frank - or Jason/Piper

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Name: emmett micah zhang (as in, emmett for frank’s mom, and micah which translates to “who is like god?”/”gift from god. aka; frank chose the first name, and and hazel picked a precious stone name for the middle huehue)
Gender: genderfluid! they/them/their pronouns and they prefer to go by ‘em’ (frank and hazel are v supportive and get tetchy if someone misgenders them fight me on this). they get the significance of their full name and while kind of wanting to change it—they don’t. just stick to calling them em. 
General Appearance: literally as tall as their dad, hint of his eye shape though their eye colour is exactly hazel’s, as well as her complexion (though maybe a shade lighter). same jetty black hair as frank and his dimpled smile & wild curls just like their momma! (they keep their hair in dreds tho. because. reasons….) v. attractive, of course. has various boys/girls chasing them but honestly doesn’t see themselves as attractive. 
Personality: EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE. true mars legacy, but they’ve learned that humility in victory is very important, because over confidence is reckless. while they do their absolute best to remain as modest as possible, it’s also extremely hard to when their natural strength, agility and skill means they’re almost always in the top tier with anything competitively athletic. (they don’t like to show off much—but it can’t be helped once or twice, especially if they’ve beaten the jackson/grace kids). aside from the competitiveness, they’ve got their mother’s compassion and also her intense dislike of swearing/gross behaviors. aka; actual mama duck em. if you’re sick they’ll bring you soup and if you’re being rude they’ll smack you upside the head. also no elbows on the table. no.
Special Talents: aside from athletic skill, em did pick up a few of their parents’ powers. the ability to turn into animals isn’t as strong in em—they can do it, just sporadically. it’s kind of something they see as a weak point and get kind of frustrated with—so unless you’re close to them, don’t ask them to turn into something. at most, they can turn into three kinds of animal, and all of them are different types of dogs. (as they get older, the ability gets easier to use and more forms appear). as for hazel’s side of it, em can sort of sense metals. sort of.  it means they can detect when someone has a weapon hidden on them, but summoning precious stones/metals doesn’t come to them at all.
Who they like better: aw jeez, don’t ask them to pick. they love both parents equally and if ever asked to pick, the immediate answer is ‘aunt’ clarisse (who sHUSH would be the best aunt and encourage em to SMASH ALL THEIR ENEMIES IN SPORTING EVENTS). 
Who they take after more: prrrrrrrobably frank. while a lot of hazel’s mannerisms are obvious in em, most of frank’s personality shines through. plus. 
Personal Head canon: they weren’t always the perfect athlete. in fact, during em’s younger years, they were clumsy and awkward on their feet and not really in fighting shape (short; skinny; a little sickly—think pre-serum steve rogers). they felt so awful as a legacy of mars and despite their parents encouragement and continuous reassurance that there was no need for them to be anything else, em still felt like the weak link in a long chain of heroes. that’s where clarisse comes in—they met her on a visit to camp halfblood and was immediately taken by her fiery demeanor. on figuring out that they were sort of related, em ended up training under her and ended up as they are now. she calls them ‘stringbean’ despite them being 6 ft 2 and strong enough to lift her with one arm. em follows in her footsteps, encouraging kids to train as hard as they did—if they want.
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The Persistence of History?


The site of the courthouse where the U.S. Supreme Court once ruled that “Americans of African ancestry had no rights which the white man was bound to respect" is located only 12 miles away from the town of Ferguson Missouri. Today, the civil rights of black Ferguson residents remain subject to the whims of the nearly all white police force

It should also be noted that like many American police forces, the Ferguson PD and the Missouri National Guard have a documented history of involvement with the Ku Klux Klan as well a Neo Nazi presence in their ranks

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