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1 insecurity: constantly thinking people don’t genuinely like me sigh

2 fears: disapproval, too many obligations

3 turn ons: the big tity legs, dark hair, soft-spokenness/dreamyness

4 life goals: somehow make a living off of music/writing/something artsy, getting rid of desire as much as possible (isn’t that ironic, the desire to rid yourself of desire?), living a non-repetitive life (not necessarily because I have the urge to see as much of the world as possible, but because I believe exposing yourself to new experiences and ideas as much as possible leads to a more fulfilling life), 

5 things I like: the skies at sunrise/sunset, the way everything smells outside after rain in summer, comfy beds, piping hot showers, fresh fruit juices

6 weaknesses: coffee (or more specifically, not knowing when I’ve had enough of it), procrastrination, an unhealthy dosage of pretentiousness, unhealthy food, grass, electric

7 things I love: (I mostly made this about things that I actively engage in because how the fuck else do you separate things you like from things you love without making the difference seem arbitrary) music (just about any genre, but noise (rock), avant-garde jazz, and post-punk in particular), movies (still haven’t watched a whole lot but I know I dig movies involving crime, doomed romances, mystery, and surrealism), drinking good ass coffee, drinking good ass beer, philosophy, rhetoric, CATS

8 people I tag: the people I wanted to tag the most have already been tagged by the bloke who tagged me so I’m not tagging anyone at all DDD:

anonymous asked:

Id associate you with the doors mostly. Idk but for some reason i have the feeling the poetry and dreamyness of their stuff just screams your name.

That was probably the greatest compliment you could ever give me, so thank you very, very much! 

I Lay

I lay here watching you sleep. Your dreamyness like face makes me fall in bitter sweet love, the more i look, the deeper i fall.

I lay here watching you sleep. I wonder what you’re dreaming of in that beautiful mind of yours. I love when it has a mind of its own, its what makes you special. I hope you’re dreaming of something that makes you happy, thats all i ever want you to be.

I lay here watching you sleep. I hope someday you’ll realise what you mean to me, as do i mean to you.

I lay here watching you sleep. You’re my everything right now, every day i contemplate whether im making the right descicions or not. Or if im doing the right things to you, i want to make you happier than you are right now, am i trying too hard?

I lay here watching you sleep. it makes me happy, you make me happy.