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Sandy gave me a weird dream a few nights ago where I was being crowned princess of a kindgom called, yes, Punz, Corona, though that was just the name and it was nothing like YOUR Corona. And then there was Danny Phantom and some evil chick strongly resembling Azula...

Rapunzel: Or maybe we were sister princesses!


Danny Phantom: That would be cool!

Azula: Pshhh oh please.


Jack: …Sandy…



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1. Disney, Dreamwors, or Pixar?

Dreamworks. Hands down. I feel that Dreamworks is ‘edgier’ in that they are willing to turn a fairytale on its head (i.e. Shrek) and have characters that don’t fit the typical standard of beauty lead their films (i.e. Eep from the ‘Croods’). That isn’t to say that Dreamworks’ films aren’t without their problems but I feel that the Disney princesses are…well, most of them are kiiiiiind of boring (as much as I love my Disney movies!). Especially the farther back you go, the Disney princesses increasingly lack personality.

I dunno. I think a lot of my growing love for Dreamworks comes from the work they’ve done over the last decade. Disney seems to cling to the princess formula, whereas Dreamworks has made its mark adapting/creating a diversity of stories (HTTYD, RotG, The Croods, Madagascar, Puss in Boots/Shrek). Overall, I tend to prefer stories that have a larger theme of family, especially parent/child relations, so The Croods and HTTYD have had a stronger impact on me than Frozen or Tangled (out of the 3D films, I prefer Brave…pretty obvious why XD). Again, this isn’t a criticism on Disney or to say I dislike Disney. I just prefer Dreamworks overall.

2. Reboots or sequels?

Sequels, so long as they successfully add to the previous film as opposed to just being made for the sake of the franchise (PotC)

3. Favourite movie adapted from a book?

Controversial opinion. I will say The Hobbit. I am a strong believer in ADAPTATION. The definition of adapt: “to adjust or modify fittingly”. I’m not trying to be obnoxious but merely point out that book-to-film should be treated as an interpretation of the source material so it shouldn’t be an exact replica of the original story. The changes made to The Hobbit trilogy are those that I welcome and I am more than excited to see the conclusion this December (and prepared to sob uncontrollably XD).

That being said, I don’t begrudge anyone for being a purist and disliking films that stray too far from the book. However, don’t go hating on everyone else and questioning their right to calling themselves a “fan” simply because they like something that you don’t.

4. Favourite Disney Broadway musical adapted from one of their movies?

I haven’t seen any yet…

5. Favourite musical theatre memory?

Seeing Phantom of the Opera in NYC. I really just loved being in NYC and going to Broadway with Jo!

6. Biggest regret?

Living so far away from my family (half a world away!). I don’t regret being in Asia, but I regret that it makes me miss birthdays, holidays, being with the few people who love me unconditionally.

7. Favourite meme? (Please give example)


…I got nothing. ^^;;;

8. Favourite book and why?

Toss up between Pride and Prejudice and The Hobbit (the only 2 books I’ve read more than 2 times). Let’s go with P&P. I love that it’s a story about human relationships and even with the lack of action, tells a tale about a woman in an emerging middle class society struggling with societal expectations and her own desires, which often pit her against what her parents (mostly mother) want from her. While many remember it for its romance, I remember it as a story about struggling to find the balance between what a woman should do and what she can do. Maybe a weird reading of it…I dunno. I’m strange >.>

9. Favourite character from that book and why?

Elizabeth Bennet. She’s flawed, she jumps to conclusions too easily, she trusts the wrong people, and she oversteps her place by rejecting offers or love/marriage, even though the alternative would be becoming an old maid and burdening her family. I actually find her engagement to Mr Darcy to be bittersweet: although being one of mutual love, in some ways, it feels that she concedes at some point to marriage being the only option for her in that society. So she makes the best of it and luckily ends up with someone she cares for.

10. If you could change one thing about your favourite movie, what would it be and why?

Picking a favorite is hard. I’ll just pick a film I really liked.

Thor 2. More Sif. And less love-triangle stuff. Actually, same can be said for The Hobbit: DoS. More Tauriel, less Legolas seeming to pine after her (just let them be badass Battle sibs)

11. What are you most looking forward to in 2015?


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what's your favorite bands

Rapunzel: I like Bruce Springsteen and the East Street Band! They rock! On the opposite end of the spectrum, Hiccup and I are into Owl City.

Hiccup: I love Imagine Dragons! THE CITY NEVER SLEEPS AT NIGHT!

Merida: I’ll say Grimes for now- No Frou Frou- No Imogen Heap- She’s just a singer though…It changes all the time!

Jack: Keane and Gypsy and the Cat all the way!