Dear Dreamworks,

I don’t know if this will ever find you animators, producers, and writers at Dreamworks Studios, but I surely hope it does. I know that Rise of the Guardians hasn’t done very well its opening weekend, but neither did How to Train Your Dragon, and look at it now. You guys are making two sequels for it and it has a TV show.

Not many people understand the reason of Rise of the Guardians, but there is a dedicated fanbase of people that are willing, and in many cases have, seen the movie multiple times in theaters. I myself have seen it three times, the first one with my friend and the next two with my two younger sisters. All together it was worth about $88. And I know that that isn’t much compared to how the million dollar budget for Rise of the Guardians; but that is $88 dollars of loyalty to you and to Rise of the Guardians.

There are people out there, me included, who would rather watch a Dreamworks movie then a Disney/Pixar movie. Who would rather watch one of your movies then an action movie. Or a romance movie. Rise of the Guardians was the first movie I had seen in theaters since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 came out.

There are so many fans out there who are hoping, praying, for a sequel. Who are going five, six, seven times to the theater to watch the movie and try to get it to budget. While Disney apparently has a bigger fandom, a bigger following, the people who love your movies are loyal to you.

Movies like Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, and Cars will disappear from people’s minds, will fade away like the fear Pitch infected the children with. It is a phase that will disappear. But movies like Shrek, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron, How to Train Your Dragon, and especially Rise of the Guardians, will stay in people’s minds for a long time. Your movies teach kids morals, that even the underdog can win if they fight hard enough, that your family will always be with you, that you don’t have to act like others want you to, that you can be yourself. You guys at Dreamworks go against the social norm and that’s what makes you special and different from every other movie company.

I can still remember watching Spirit as a child and watching it over and over again, pretending to be a horse with Spirit and to go through his troubles with him. As I grew up I never forgot about that movie; when I was younger when I had had a bad day I would watch Spirit and think about how he had never given up, he kept going and so would I. I would always watch Shrek when I got picked on for being different, and I would remember that it is okay to be different then others. And Rise of the Guardians taught me so many morals, that there will always be someone who believes in you, that a little fun can light be a beckon in the light, that you will always find your place in the world. Your movies have a lasting effect on many people, your movies are what gave children morals, that taught them that they didn’t always have to go with the crowd.

Rise of the Guardians is just as good as any of your other movies. There are so many people out there who were supporting this movie before it came out. Please, don’t cut your losses. I know that you need to make a profit on the movie, or there isn’t really much of a chance of there being a sequel. But please, remember that there is a very dedicated fanbase for this film, and for you. For us, your movies are the ones we want to see more of, the ones we want to see do good in the theaters, the ones we want to see gain a sequel.

I just wish for you to know how us fans feel about Rise of the Guardians and of you. No matter what, we will keep hoping that there will be a sequel, keep seeing the movie, and when it comes out on DVD, we will by the DVD. WE are dedicated to you, I am dedicated to you. My younger sisters are dedicated to you. For them it has always been your movies that were the good ones.

I understand if you don’t make a sequel, we all do. But please think of all these people who are willing to pay multiple times to see it, who are willing to raise the money for a sequel, who no matter what will continue to carry this fanbase and will never give up on this movie. Please think about this. But like I said beforehand, we will understand if you don’t make a sequel.

But we want you to know that Rise of the Guardians was an amazing movie created by brilliant animators, designers, producers, and everyone else who worked on this movie. The brilliant, gifted William Joyce. The amazing voice talents of the actors who did the voices of the characters. Everything about this movie was amazing. No matter what critics say. How can older men without an imagination understand a children’s movie about belief and wonder and hope and dreams?

All of us fans support you, Dreamworks, and will support any decision you make.


Elizabeth, or HuntressBiancadiAngelo(Tumblr)