"Shake it Off" by Slow No Wake & Mapkeeper // Originally by Taylor Swift (2014)

Here’s the haunting cover of Taylor Swift's “Shake It Off” that you didn't realize that you needed in your life. This sweet, yet eerie dream pop cover comes courtesy of two artists creating long distance music through the magic of the internets - Chicago’s Slow No Wake & Montreal’s Mapkeeper. It’s a quiet stunner that brings a wonderful new layer to the infectious hit that surely even Taylor herself would dig! You can even grab a free download at Mapkeeper’s Bandcamp

Drug Flower
  • Drug Flower

SVNDAZE - Drug Flower

A shout out goes to Sun Glitters for letting me know about Colorado Springs-based artist SVNDAZE. While I’m always looking to expand my musical horizons by trying new sounds every day, “Drug Flower” exemplifies everything I already love about electronic music: steady beats, roaring synths, establishing a relaxed vibe welcome on any warm day. Head on over to Soundcloud to check out more from SVNDAZE, and as always, enjoy.

This original Sailor Venus/Minako Aino-inspired track samples songs and sounds from the original Sailor Moon anime of the 90’s (in both Japanese and English), transforming the familiar into a new and unique nostalgic symphony that pays tribute to the Solider of Love.

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Starscream rescuing Bumblebee without having to, and only having the “pressure” of Jetfire asking him to (and roundaboutedly at that, just saying “you owe me”) without being able to enforce it.

Also, look at Starscream being a gentleman putting Bee down all nice and gently. Shh, no one saw it so it doesn’t count, right?


Artist Highlight: Pat Lee (2013)

Every artist in this medium shine because of their specific talents but then,  there are some of them who leave their mark by being the black sheep of the fold. Either because of their strong opinions, loud mouth, lack of talent  or another kind of controversy. Pat Lee is an incredibly talented individual whose great contributions are shadowed by his poor business sense (something that shouldn’t be very surprising considering the fact that he was discovered and mentored by Rob Liefeld). A founder of Dreamwave Studios and predecessor of the movement set by Udon Studios. Pat Lee did more consistently what Joe Madureira couldn’t with the Cliffhanger imprint: he brought manga sensibilities to american comic books with self created work that not only was great looking, it also had quality writing and sold on schedule most of the time.

Pat has an incredible eye for detail. Although his characters look like a comic book character should in Americanized manga. You can see every defining line in their bodies and clothes. He’s also personally responsible of bringing The Transformers back into comics in the mid 2000’s with two great mini series that showed how much love this man had for these characters: the robots looked like something straight out of the 80’s cartoon, but they also manged to achieve a new century look by showing scars of battle. Later relegated to do work for hire after Dreamwave closed shop. He spent a lot of time shaking off accusations of former employees over unfulfilled payments and ghost penciling on projects. A damn shame if you ask me. as these illustrations goes, this man was very talented and it’s very sad to see such fine art get lost in time because of lack of restrain and common sense.

I Hope Pat comes clear someday and get his shot at redemption. Unlike his dreaded mentor, his art was the stuff of legends!

"Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" by Cloud Boat // Model of You (Out 7.15.14 via SpinShop)

Covering The Smiths is fairly commonplace these days, so it’s always a treat when someone does something that sets them apart from the rest. Cloud Boat has done that with their haunting cover of “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”. The duo keep things fairly tight to the original, instead of reconstructing any major part of the track, instead they’ve slowed it down just a hair and built an atmospheric haze throughout the song which in turn makes it feel like a modern day dream pop hymn. The result is downright hypnotic in it’s beauty. Definitely something that fans of either band should give a shot. Highly recommended.