The girl on the right is one of my two best friends: her names Bethany, she’s amazing, beautiful, funny and incredibly insecure. When I first met Bethany it was at an acting class, sure she’s two years younger than me but I didn’t care, she was always smiling always joking and always quirky, like me. Then this summer she fell in love with a boy..and it started going wrong. Since I met her Bethany has struggled with bullying for nothing more than being different. Beth is eccentric in a way that confuses people makes them want to get closer to her or run away. This boy, this child began to taunt her for being fat, despite being a size 8 and stunning, she started to stop eating and began to cut, first her arms, then her legs, stomach, her chest. I’ve been there and I know how good it can make you feel but I hate that she’s causing herself pain. I make it a point to eat around her, tell her she’s beautiful because its the truth. Beth is my rock, she’s the first person I go to when I want to relapse, when I’m down and she knows she can do the absolute same. Always. So this is Beth, she’s eccentric, stunning, quirky, smokes with me, we don’t judge, makes cat noises, wants to be a therapist and giggles like a toddler when she’s high. She’s amazing and I love her exactly the way she is.<3