this is a message to SONES;

Not alone, you’re not alone. As long as sones are here, we’re a family remember? I know how you feel, I actually feel the same…come here, let’s hug each other and cry….” - icepearls

Sone to Sone hug. Don’t worry baby girl, we can do this.” -baromjung

i feel the exact same as you, my mum would think im dumb or something, i’ve been crying so much, those past 2 days have been really exhausting. but eventually it will get better, life is like that, so stay strong sone *hug* :)” -pink-generation-sone

i just want to say i know how you feel. all of the girls have become my faves and i never thought any of them would leave. but its okay to cry. i’ve been crying at least once everyday now. you have to let it out.” -daddykyungsoo

'I can relate on how are you feeling right now , to me they always my supporting not only band , but girls and inspiration in any sort of way that u can imagine I been crying like a crazy when I saw the latest vid of snsd in a fan meeting in China , the fans called so loud at Jess name that it breaks me even more , but in the bottom I know that I must be strong for Jessica and the other member because to me always will be forever my nine angels …” -anonymous

'i wish that i want the OT9 to last forever but right now, All i want is the OT9 to stay until the very end. I've been a sone for almost 4years and this is really hard. Worst nightmare ever.” -mywonderstrucks

Its alrigth feel sad and heart broken ..but I hope your love and all the sones words can cheer you up ♥” -anonymous

Aw, it’s going to be okay! Everything is going to work out, I’m sure of it. For years, we watched how much the girls love each other. They’ve been through EVERYTHING together. They’re going to get through this! And sones are going to get through this together, too. It’s so sad and confusing, and it’s okay to cry. Just remember that you’re not alone. *hugs* Hang in there!” -anonymous

I’m completely broken. My mom doesn’t understand, my friends don’t understand. I’m usually happy and bubbly and loud but for the past two days I’ve been quiet and have caught myself before I had a mental breakdown at school countless times. I understand how you’re feeling. I am sending you a big, comfy SONE hug. ♥” -otsoshi

those are some, of many support messages that i received when i posted this. some sad and cute messages. i have been really worried about the girls, but… i worry about you all, sones, too. is such a hard time for us and we need to be strong, and see all of you including me like this broke my heart even more, so that’s why i decided make this post dedicated for you, for me, for us. we love soshis a lot, and yes, we never tought that one day it could happen. but look, the girls love us, they give their best, we need to stay at their side, we need give them support, and also give one each other support too, we are family. one of the most beautiful things that soshis gave to us, was meet new people, people that we can be compatible with, make new friendships. i’m happy for being a sone, i’ll never leave this fandom, no matter what. our fandom is so beautiful, so strong, we need one each other, don’t let this perfect relationship end. there’s always bad and good times, i believe that good times are coming again, we just need to wait, and let the pain go. is hard, i know. but taeyeon, seohyun, sunny, tiffany, sooyoung, yoona, hyoyeon, yuri and jessica are our babies, so, don’t leave our babies ok? they need us, and we need them more than never ♥ 


”For me, each one of our SNSD members is like my body. If one gets hurt or hears bad things from someone else, it hurts me and pains me even more. It’s impossible for only good things to happen to someone and so there were difficult times and hurtful times. But during those times, I’m so thankful that we were each other’s strength and each other’s support”. - Lee Soonkyu

”They say ‘Lucky Number 7’ but Lucky Number 9 has been ingrained in my head. My lucky number is 9.” -Tiffany Hwang

”Every single member is so precious to me and like family to me.. I may joke around with them a lot but I can’t talk seriously with them..because it’s awkward for me. But on the inside, I really do think of each one of you so much and I want you all to know that”. -Kim Hyoyeon

“Nine people who are very different from each others, have now become one.”Choi Sooyoung

”While we were doing our promotions, there were a lot of times when I was exhausted and tired, but since the other members were beside me.. If it wasn’t for those friends, the amount of love that I’m receiving right now as a member of SNSD, I could never have received that if I’m alone.” -Kwon Yuri

”The name ‘Girls Generation’ in itself contains dreams. And that dream of making the world a Girls Generation will never change”.Seohyun

”Being on stage is so much fun and enjoyable. Because it’s a lot of fun, we work really hard on music programs and our eyes automatically open up. Because this is where I’m most confident and where I’m at my best, I found a way to enjoy all of it. And I’m still searching for more ways.” - Taeyeon

SNSD means the coming of the era of girls, it’s filled with hope. We wish to bring a generation of health and happiness.” Im YoonA

SNSD is a group of 9 girl female students. We’re pretty one by one as well,but its when we’re all together that we can really shine.Jessica