I feel it
when you say
that you miss me
and I forget that
it hurts to love
like we do

I feel it
when you say
that you’re sorry
and I remember when
you couldn’t admit that
you were wrong
and I realise
how far you, I, we
have come

I feel it
when you love me
despite everything;
the testing times,
and the way that you’ve seen me
break like porcelain
and you’ve walked away
but then you
came back

I feel it
when I allow myself
the hope that
‘one day’, I will be
and I can dare
to dream
and I can bear
to feel
and I can fall
in love
without falling apart
and I realise that
this is what I’ve always wanted


If you can handle me at my worst, you deserve me at my best


Does Love Dream in Color

I wonder does love dream in color
or does she see only vibrant grey
do black and white look the same
does she label us straight or gay

While we slumber will she awaken
hearing countless victims scream
does love dream in color I wonder
and will we ever share her dream

Does she dream of a better world 
where hatred has no hiding place
and if she does, might we join her
in her dream of peace and grace  

i had a dream about the new naruto movie: it was sakura and sasuke’s wedding and as they were saying their vows naruto fell from a rafter and onto sasuke, accidentally kissing him, and nullifying the wedding. so the priest was like “well you paid me so someone has to get married” so sasuke and naruto begrudgingly married each other. there was a whale there.