It took me 2 years of hard work, pushing limits, overeating and alot of painfull days to become what I am today.

It’s hard to lose weight, but it’s also hard for skinny people to gain weight..

Spending most of my money(student) on food, food, food and supplements..

I remember my first weeks: wanting to quit, embarrassed with my low weights, people giving me looks “wth is he doing here” and alot of painfull mornings.

But I told my self ‘remember why you started’

I kept on pushing, overeating, no rest even on Sunday mornings, I had to change, I wanted to change, I wasn’t happy with myself.
I even remember waking up middle of the night just to have one more meal..

But hey, hard work pays off :))

My advice for the newbies: remember why you started, it takes some time but never quit, push yourself and be happy with your self.

Don’t let anyone break you down ;)



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