I dream in the dusty, temporary haze of the sunrise,

Where dreams are life, and life is what you make it to be.

All the previous pandemonium evaporates, and I can see

The urge to knit the threads into a scarf, just for the surprise.

I dream because the blank canvas of my head begs,

To be filled with the morphing effervescent splatters of joy.

Only eyes closed know the brain is not a tool but a toy,

Only eyes closed realize drinking reality leaves dregs.

I dream to find the parallel planet where I understand,

Where I am acquainted with the abstruse warmth of the breeze,

And can finally fathom that forgiveness is the one who frees.

The search is endless, unless I let fiction be my command.

I dream too, of wasps, snakes, and spiders,

Of terrible nights and lights too bright to even comprehend,

But like shiny new tinfoil, I will bend, and I will mend,

It is through this toil that I find my inner fighters.

I dream in camera shots and snippets of dialogue,

Vague turquoise metaphors that fog the tunnels of my brain-

Problem is, by the morning, it’s all slipped down the drain.

And I am left, wandering, barking like a stray dog.

—  -J.R.P.

true love accepts you with flaws and mistakes. 

true love when person watches you sparks in eyes and listens passionately what you have to say. true love when person is there to hold you even before you say something is wrong. true love is even when you get mad eachother or that person makes you cry, you still will make up and apologize for you’re mistakes and words. true love is where you could be in eachothers arms for hours and saying no words - cause the silence is so good and calm. true love is when you never give up on person and always be there for her/him. you support the plans and dreams. Give her hope and faith, when she/he is feeling down and depressed. true love is even when through thick and thin you will still stay together, cause you wouldn’t survive even one day without eachother. true love is when nothing is important then love and happiness in relationship and for your partner.

true love is real, you have to just wait and even tho’ you have to go through many jackasses, players and cheaters you will find that person. Save yourself and keep trying and living!