Sets/series Prices~!

Hi, my lovely dears~!

We’ve finally got the prices for our full sets/series ready~! They will be posted below and placed in the link on our blog titled Items for Sell.


  • Minimalist Series - 50k
  • Mermaid Series - 200k
  • Golden Series - 900k
  • Princess Series - 700k
  • Classic Series - 100k
  • Regal Series - 300k
  • Lovely Series - 150k
  • Pave Series - 500k
  • Rococo Series - 250k
  • Kiddie Series - 200k
  • Exotic Series - 300k
  • Cabin Series - 350k
  • Sweets Series - 600k
  • Card Series - 800k
  • Ice Series - 750k
  • Gorgeous Series - 850k
  • Gracie Series - 1 mil
  • Creepy Set - 500k
  • Weeding Set - 200k
  • 7/11 Set - 600k


Mayor Senpai.


Hello, my dearies, a quick announcement I need to make.

I’m struggling with my internet atm, as none of my devices want to connect to it. With this, I give my sincerest apologies as the orders will have to wait a little longer as I get things fixed and working normally. Again, my apologies and I will try to have all your orders ready to be picked up as soon as possible.

- Mayor Arwen

Hi guys and gals! I’m your crazy hybrid lady, Mayor Taylor. I’m here to let you know that as of right now hybrids are avaliable! We have any and every color to choose from. All flowers are bred to order so it may take some time! I can’t wait for all of your lovely requests!
~ Mayor Taylor

My dearest shoppers,

Please do not get discouraged if we don’t reply immediately to your orders. We’re still trying to price items and get this entire thing set up so that it is convenient for us all. We will get back to everyone ASAP.

Mayor Senpai.

Furniture Items and DLCs

Hello again~ I know there’ve been questions about what furniture items we have and all, so I compiled a list of all the furniture series/sets and DLC’s we currently have. Prices are still being decided on some of course c:

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Hi, dearies~!

We are going to be posting short bios about all of us very soon, so keep an eye out~! We want all our lovely followers and customers to know us a little more~! We will also be having a Q&A session on Kik soon~! We are going to take a few of our dear followers and put them in a group with all of our mayors to ask us questions~! Afterward the questions will be put in a FAQ page on our blog~!

We’re looking forward to talking with you all~!!


Mayor Senpai.