Sets/series Prices~!

Hi, my lovely dears~!

We’ve finally got the prices for our full sets/series ready~! They will be posted below and placed in the link on our blog titled Items for Sell.


  • Minimalist Series - 50k
  • Mermaid Series - 200k
  • Golden Series - 900k
  • Princess Series - 700k
  • Classic Series - 100k
  • Regal Series - 300k
  • Lovely Series - 150k
  • Pave Series - 500k
  • Rococo Series - 250k
  • Kiddie Series - 200k
  • Exotic Series - 300k
  • Cabin Series - 350k
  • Sweets Series - 600k
  • Card Series - 800k
  • Ice Series - 750k
  • Gorgeous Series - 850k
  • Gracie Series - 1 mil
  • Creepy Set - 500k
  • Weeding Set - 200k
  • 7/11 Set - 600k


Mayor Senpai.


Hello, my dearies, a quick announcement I need to make.

I’m struggling with my internet atm, as none of my devices want to connect to it. With this, I give my sincerest apologies as the orders will have to wait a little longer as I get things fixed and working normally. Again, my apologies and I will try to have all your orders ready to be picked up as soon as possible.

- Mayor Arwen

dreampost- my ex got married!?

Okay… so I posted about a dream I had sometime last week I believe? It was about me getting married. But last night I had another unusual dream.. and this time it was super intense.

I dreamt that a friend told me my ex of 5 years just recently got married to someone he only seeing for no more than 3 months. My reaction was so realistic- at first I was really shocked and I couldn’t believe it. I was saying to them, he only knew her for 3 months and married her? How could he! My friends told me, get over it, it’s been a year. I tried to brush it off but my friends said they have attended his wedding, and were about to show pictures of the event. I covered my eyes and ran away from them, I was in complete denial. I remember telling myself, this is just a dream, it’s just a nightmare, just go with it, and I’ll wake up and none of this has really happened.

It was then that I unlocked lucid dreaming.

I began to control everything around me, and of all things to do in lucid dreaming, I began to naturally react to the news my friends have given me. I began to find pictures, his facebook account, anything. And in the dream, it was true. Pictures of him in a tux, posing with his best men. I did not see a picture of his bride, but in one picture he was cuddling her, but she was covered by many people posing for the camera happily.

The scene switches to me sitting in a bar alone, drinking heavily to take pity on myself and the direction my life has gone. I was crying, wondering how my ex could have married so quickly, while I reflected on my relationship with him- I waited 5 years hoping for something and it never happened. He didn’t love me as deeply as he did for that person he found within 3 months. I cried harder when I began to wonder what went wrong. My self esteem was nearly non-existent. I continued drinking, searching for the feeling of numbness. I didn’t want to think anymore. My head started to throb, and I was slowly waking up.


I woke up feeling really crappy, my head was so heavy, it felt like I drank an entire bottle of wine. I wonder what this can mean, with me having dreams about weddings and marriage.

Hi guys and gals! I’m your crazy hybrid lady, Mayor Taylor. I’m here to let you know that as of right now hybrids are avaliable! We have any and every color to choose from. All flowers are bred to order so it may take some time! I can’t wait for all of your lovely requests!
~ Mayor Taylor

My dearest shoppers,

Please do not get discouraged if we don’t reply immediately to your orders. We’re still trying to price items and get this entire thing set up so that it is convenient for us all. We will get back to everyone ASAP.

Mayor Senpai.

Furniture Items and DLCs

Hello again~ I know there’ve been questions about what furniture items we have and all, so I compiled a list of all the furniture series/sets and DLC’s we currently have. Prices are still being decided on some of course c:

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Hi, dearies~!

We are going to be posting short bios about all of us very soon, so keep an eye out~! We want all our lovely followers and customers to know us a little more~! We will also be having a Q&A session on Kik soon~! We are going to take a few of our dear followers and put them in a group with all of our mayors to ask us questions~! Afterward the questions will be put in a FAQ page on our blog~!

We’re looking forward to talking with you all~!!


Mayor Senpai.

Dreampost- I was getting married!?

I’m trying to remember a good amount of it, but it definitely left me feeling melancholy.

I was walking along a sandy shore, the water would splash through my bare feet, the sand felt so warm and grainy. I wore white, and my hair was very much longer than what I have it as now, I felt the soft material of my top flowing with the tropical breeze.  I felt so incredibly happy, I was anxious of something, I was so excited almost anticipating something. I was alone, as I continued walking, I met with a man that I apparently was familiar with. Dark blonde hair, dreamy eyes, and his voice was deep and masculine. He wore white as well, almost matching with what I was wearing. He looked older, and his warm smile left me blushing. It was a smile that had me under the impression that he was deeply in love with me. It was such a hypnotic gaze he held for me, and he began to speak. If I can remember, he said something along these lines,

"You’re different from the rest. I will tell you something that I have not bothered to say to anyone else."

He came closer to me, almost whispering in my ear. Sadly, I could not remember what it was that he said.

The scene changes, I was standing in a chapel, I saw my side of the visitors, it was full, with so many adoring looks. I heard them whisper how beautiful I looked. My groom was nowhere to be seen, I kept looking in the far back for him, hoping to see him appear.

'Where is he?' I caught myself saying out loud to myself. I was curious, but not worried he chickened out on the ceremony. I happen to see my reflection in a small mirror, and tears immediately began running down my face. I was in a white wedding gown, adorned with teardrops of pearls. My hair was so long, but dressed in gems and pearls. I cried at how beautiful I looked. Quickly, I spin around to see my groom approaching. His best men were cheering him on.

I couldn’t see my groom, the one who wanted me for his wife. I heard his voice calling me, as his friends and family crowded him out of happiness and joy. I couldn’t help but laugh and be happy at how supporting everyone was of our soon to be marriage. He finally approached me, but his face was blurry. He held my hand in his, and he spoke to me.

"I’m so sorry baby for taking so long. You’ve waited long enough."

I felt a ring being slipped onto my finger, and I shook myself awake.


This dream was ridiculously intense! I almost woke up with tears, it was nice to dream that someday someone would love me enough to marry me. Who will it be? I wish I could dream some more~