What K dreams:

A comprehensive list of the simple and not so simple things K wants.

  • An awesome girl friend or date mate. Someone who looks at me like I’m worth something to them, who’ll understand that I show my love differently than others but love them just the same, someone who will put up with me and laugh with me and care.
  • Friends. People who think i am worth something to them, who care what I have to say. Who listen and who feel safe talking to me about whatever. people I can trust.
  • A cozy apartment somewhere. One that doesn’t look like a messy hellhole that someone randomly threw together one day.
  • A PUPPY. 
  • To go to Disney Land!
  • To stay in a nice hotel for no reason, just to relax.
  • Explore abandoned places
  • Explore not abandoned places
  • Make a half decent cosplay
  • Finish a book
  • Write a book someone considers their favorite
  • Host a panel at a convention
  • Get married (Maybe at Disney?)
  • Go on a date (This should probably have gone above, right?)
  • Talk to someone for more than just ten minutes
  • Have someone talk to me first for a change
  • Finish Supernatural
  • Get a table at a convention to sell my plushies
  • Get a job
  • Run a cafe
  • Go to school
So I decided to post a dream I had on February 1st. Prepare for lots o' dreamposts.

It all started in a two-story house. The building looked small from the outside, but it felt endless once you were inside.

So, I wasn’t an actual person, there in the dream. I was simply spectating this team which went on an investigation in the house.

At a certain point the team discovered injured animals in various rooms, and they had to rescue them and return to the homebase ASAP.

Weird note, but the team couldn’t stay in that building if the clock hit past 12 midnight. As clever as the team was, they set their deadline for the investigation a few hours earlier.


Later in the dream, it seemed there was this old, insane lady who’d torture and kill every living being in the mansion past midnight.


The team survived their first night there. They decided to investigate the following day too, because it was suspicious, of course.

The second night didn’t go that well.

In the end, the team left a few minutes before midnight with even more injured animals, but lesser comrades.

The rest of the team woke up the following morning at their base with the injured animals and sudden “replacements” for their lost mates.

gnomegf asked:

13,17,28,31,34,49 aaaand 50 :^)

ya whoo!!!!thank u hib s :*3

13: pissboss

17: nigel farrage

28: no fighin! shakira shakira!

31: my horrible experiences made me who i am so actually i will keep all of them. nice.

34: i cant remember??i post all my dreams i remember in my dreamposting tag so u will see…..

49: mole spider the most powerful creature on earth OR mole fish so he can finally swim…..

50: everything i talk about is pretyy regular so i dont actually know :’*(