What K dreams:

A comprehensive list of the simple and not so simple things K wants.

  • An awesome girl friend or date mate. Someone who looks at me like I’m worth something to them, who’ll understand that I show my love differently than others but love them just the same, someone who will put up with me and laugh with me and care.
  • Friends. People who think i am worth something to them, who care what I have to say. Who listen and who feel safe talking to me about whatever. people I can trust.
  • A cozy apartment somewhere. One that doesn’t look like a messy hellhole that someone randomly threw together one day.
  • A PUPPY. 
  • To go to Disney Land!
  • To stay in a nice hotel for no reason, just to relax.
  • Explore abandoned places
  • Explore not abandoned places
  • Make a half decent cosplay
  • Finish a book
  • Write a book someone considers their favorite
  • Host a panel at a convention
  • Get married (Maybe at Disney?)
  • Go on a date (This should probably have gone above, right?)
  • Talk to someone for more than just ten minutes
  • Have someone talk to me first for a change
  • Finish Supernatural
  • Get a table at a convention to sell my plushies
  • Get a job
  • Run a cafe
  • Go to school
fourth wall: busted

last night i had a dream that was a followup to the flooded river corpse dream from a few weeks ago. i found a body in the mud that had been missed by the recovery team and took out my phone to call it in. 

I tried dialing 911 and got 119, 191, 111, and 919. no matter how carefully i pushed the buttons. it then dawned on me that i can never dial 911 in dreams, which means i was dreaming. i threw a fit yelling at myself that the jig was up, i knew i was dreaming, fourth wall fuckin broken ok,  but this felt real and i wanted to report the goddamn body in the river, so how about YOU LET ME DIAL 911 AND GET ON WITH IT ALREADY. 

alas. 9111, 91A, 999… can’t dial 911 in a dream. even if you know you’re only dreaming.

it was very frustrating, but fucking funny.