#BeYourDream #Day18 (late) often times you here people say, what will your “dash” say? I would like my #DreamLegacy aka dash to say that I inspired many to think outside the box and freely exude their unique gifts across the world. I want it to show that I lived my best life making my passion pay in ways money never could. I want it to say that I healed many by causing families to open up and talk about their generational curses instead of continuing to sweep them under the rug. I want it to show a body of work, both vocally and in the arts, that I soared past my highest heights and created an avenue for others to do so as well. Finally, I want my #DreamLegacy to show that I lived by my faith, was guided by the divine light within me and carried out a life of limitless possibilities knowing that I could do all things through Christ. This is my #DreamLegacy. @keepsittingpretty #virtualvisionboard