So yeah, not been on for a while

Real life. It’s kinda insane right now.

Although, just fyi: best thing ever? Super-spy-awesome-girlfriend threatening Tony’s balls should this be anything other than a straight-forward business venture. Then she thanked him, which I think freaked him out MORE. It was for getting me out of the sketch neighborhood from hell, I think. Probably. Maybe? I dunno, it’s Natasha. 

Anyway, Virginia ‘Pepper” Potts is a goddess. She has been keeping Tony and I pretty sane and on track. We’ve got a building now, and I’m interviewing staff.


Uh, sorry. Anyway. We’ve got a name now, and renovations are almost complete.

Come visit DREAMERINGUE when you have a chance/when we open! You won’t regret it!



but holyshit does running your own business make you busy as hell. Jesus. Not to mention I’m still doing all my coursework. It’s sheer luck that I was able to shift all my classes to night classes. Luck or a Superpepper. Hey Tonydude, did Superpepper bully my school people into letting my switch my class times around? Also I have no idea how other people make full-time jobs and school work. It’s crazy. How does Fandral manage? He’s got a job, school, a boyfriend and he’s raising two kids. HOW ARE YOU NOT COMPLETELY INSANE?

Also Kiwibird Snowman, you are so my like male soulmate. Also, you were totes wrong when you said you weren’t as attractive as me. Soulbrother, gimme a fistbump. Have fun with your taser, she’s a dream. :D

Thanks to Phil and Clint, who are being awesome in the whole let’s help Darcy run her crazy-ass dream bakery. Also mondo love to Tasha, who has saved my sanity like three dozen times this last month. Apparently she’s working for me/with me now? She’s the one who makes those delicious little Russian pastries, guys. They’re to die for.


Tell me which foods were your favorites, guys! I totes want feedback. I’ll be repeating any recipes you like, and open for suggestions, no matter how wacky!

I’ve been doing some Halloween designs, so let me know what you think!


DREAMERIGUE IS OPENING TOMORROW! We’ll be open for business from six AM onwards! There’s going to be an opening week discount, so be sure to drop in! Our daily special will be an autumn roast coffee and cranberry-orange or pumpkin-spice scones, in order to celebrate autumn!

Here’s the store location!

I hope to see you there!

Time to bake a cake.

I’ve got my gang coming over in a couple hours to help me plot my grand opening - Tony, Clint, Phil, you still onboard for this? Tony, tell Pepper so she remembers to make you come - she’s invited too. Jane will also be there, but more for moral support purposes than anything else.