Otome-kei dressup from Sunday. I should’ve done something with my hair, but I stayed in hermit-mode all day, so I didn’t feel like going to the trouble…

Blouse is by ETC, legwear from Sockdreams, skirt & headdress are handmade, bag & brooches are thrifted, shoes came from TJMaxx and had the laces replaced by ribbons. it’s hard to tell from the photo, but they have crocheted lace detailing on the side.

Bee Armstrong - Quick drawing I did from a lucid dream. I found myself in this neon space temple. I could feel and hear vibrations. Before I knew it, what looked like Tarracotta Warriors came to me. They were very humble with their words towards me. I asked them to show me something. They motioned me to look through a window to outterspace. What I saw before my eyes made me cry in desparation to seek more knowledge. What I saw were planets being sucked into backholes. The dream ended there.

Morning temple

Morning window like a temple of light
opens its dreaming ever changing curtains
to welcome with open eyes dawn and sunrise
and rejoice with the new day that arrives.

Realities like mirrors in the roots
of flowers like of sunshine in the ground
create spells of love singing aloud
with a guitar of poetical wood.

Natural heights of clouds over horizons
cast shadows of alive imagination
blooming creatively on several occasions
trying to join two places with enlightenment.

Germination of an energy river
openly challenges time and space
looking forward to win and find a way
to make the sky to appear ever clearer.

(Sunrise Sunset Witch Poet. Follow for more written art.)

  • Title: Siła obronna drogą panią, proszę dać mi ją.
  • Arranged by: 中雑魚酒菜, 菊一倖殷
  • Album: 舞踏会のドスコナウォシチ (DOSKONAŁOŚCI Z TANCEREK)
  • Circle: 街角麻婆豆 (Machikado-Mapoze)
  • Based on:
  • Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?
  • Eastern Mystical Dream ~ Ancient Temple
  • Ultimate Truth
  • Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life

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