The Host Movie

I just watched the movie adaptation of The Host, and I have to say that it was probably the best book to movie adaptation I have ever seen. Yes, they took out some stuff and they could have done certain parts better, but all in all, it kept the essence of the book. There are two things I have to complain about. They took out a few really good lines and I don’t see why they didn’t keep them. And the second is Ian. In the book, Ian’s love for Wanda sort of crept up on me so slowly that I didn’t notice it until it was built up to a really epic love. In the movie, they made Ian start to care about Wanda so sudden. I understand that in a movie, they don’t have time to give all the subtle changes in his personality and views, but I didn’t like that Ian changed so suddenly.

But it really was an amazing movie. I did feel that they kept a lot of things out, but it’s understandable. I loved the movie, and after watching a few pretty awful book to movie transitions (*cough, cough* Percy Jackson *cough, cough*) I think that this was the best I’ve ever seen. I understand that they have to take some things out that aren’t needed, although I wish they wouldn’t. It was a really great movie and I felt that they were true to the book. If you’ve read The Host or not, go see it.

Oh yeah, and the Sea of Monsters trailer showed, so yes, I freaked out in the theatre. And (this was totally unexpected) the City of Bones trailer showed. And the thing is that I completely didn’t expect it so I almost screamed in the theatre and I was just saying all the lines in the trailer along with the characters. I completely freaked out and I am proud of that.

Anyway, watch The Host. It was truly amazing.

It’s that time!!!

 Sydney’s Tumblr Crushes!!!!

Ok so I’ve never really done this before but I figured I’d do it this time just to be a little more active. So from top to bottom.










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Thank You Followers

I just recently reached my first thousand followers and I just really want to thank all of you. You’re all awesome. I love you all, and you make me smile everyday. Especially a day like this, when I reach a count of followers that seemed so far away when I first got on tumblr.

First, I’d like to thank my thousandth follower: ridgeyray

I would have thanked you in your ask, but you don’t have one. So just thank you so much.

Now, I just want to mention a couple of my friends that are on this ridiculously awesome website:

First on the list is of course my parabatai: madmanwithasexybox

This awesome person introduced me to tumblr and I have her to thank for all my obsessions and everything. Love you :)

Now a couple other people:

To all the people on this list, I love you all, and you make my life better and brighter. To all those who are not, I encourage you to follow them because they are truly awesome. And if you aren’t one of my friends, feel free to chat with me. Despite having a whole of awesome friends already, I could use more.

Anyway, thanks to all my followers. I am honestly so grateful for tumblr, and days like this when I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot more on my blog than just procrastinating.

And finally:

GUys I just had a thought. Annie won the Hunger Games because they flooded the arena and she was the best swimmer. But why would the the gamemakers flood the arena? That shows huge bias for district 4. And who else is from District 4? Finnick! Finnick who has slept with all the important people, Finnick who probably knows all the secrets in the Capital, Finnick who loves Annie with everything! He probable pulled some strings or blackmailed someone to do that just so annie would have a better chance to come home, to come back to hum and i just find that so amazing.

Theory with the new snippet...

So with the new snippet that blew away have the theories about Jem, I think I kinda have one.

So what if when you become a Silent Brother something happens to your parabati….I think the reason that Jem says he won’t become a silent brother is because he won’t do that to Will. I can totally see Will being the kinda guy that would turn himself into a vampire so that Jem won’t have to face the consiquences.

What ever it means, it means that WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys…right now I’m not really thinking about what the endings going to be…but just that in 10 days The Infernal Devices is gonna be over….In 10 day there is going to be no more Will, no more Jem, no more Henry, no more Charlotte….its all gone…there won’t be anymore waiting…no more insanity waiting for the next book…We won’t be surprised about the ending when we re-read it…It will all be gone…and now I made myself sad…I don’t care how it ends…I just don’t want it to…

Just got back from seeing The Host!!!!!! Personally it was amazing!!!!!! One of the best book-to-movie adaptation’s!!! They did change a bit and there was one line that they didn’t have!! But overall they stayed very true to the characters!!!
Also before the movie me and my friends were expecting to see the new Percy Jackson trailer….and we did!!!! But it didn’t end there!!!! There was also the City Of Bones trailer!!!! We were screaming when it started!!! We were reciting the while thing and the theatre was looking at us weirdly!!!!

I’ve started watching Hannibal and so far I like it! Given I’m not even finished the first episode, but it seems good!

I didn’t expect Mads to have an accent, just based off of what I’ve seen, so that took a bit to get used to, but it’s nothing bad.

I really like the dynamics between Will and Hannibal. I know it goes way downhill from here, but right now they are in the crime fighting duo stage and they are freaking adorable!



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1: What! is your name? (url acceptable) Margaret!

2: What! is your quest? To find the holy grail!

3: What is the air speed velocity of a swallow? African or European?

4: Are you angry that I just made that reference? NOPE!!!

5: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “Prince”? Henry

6: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “Princess”? Disney

7: What’s your major fandom? TMI, and Dr. Who

8: Minor fandom? Supernatural (even though I’ve only seen one episode ;P)

9: Am I annoying you yet with my questions? NOPE!!!

10: I don’t even know what the fuck to ask next….uuhhhh……how are you? :D Tired

11: How’s life, darling? Crappy cause exams are coming up and I’m nervous for next semester…

My questions!!!

1. weirdest item of clothing?

2. puzzles?

3. computer backround?

4. fav scent?

5. what were you doing before tumblr?

6. biggest turn-off?

7. biggest turn-on?

8. have you ever solved a rubik’s cube?

9. weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

10. biggest splurg?

11. fav classic movie?

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and just for fun!!!!

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1. Fav late night talk show? I don’t Really know….I don’t really know…does ellen count?…

2. Fav breed of dog? Huskys!!!!!! pretty much anything fluffy!!!!

3. Schrodinger’s cat or Pavlov’s daughter? don’t know the daughter one so CAT!!!

4. Fav book? TOO MANY!!!!!!

5. Fav musical? Phantom of the Opera!!!!! Cats is prob in second…

6. Fav band? it changes…currently black veil brides or the xcerts

7. Fav non-tumblr site? There are other websites?? jks…Youtube!!!

8. Fav type of car? I really don’t know cars….anything with a seat heater….

9. Biggest gramatical pet peeve? um….run on sentances

10. Fav number? 13!

11. You gotten a flu shot? YEP!!! This year and every year!!!

My Questions

1. Fav TV show that’s ended?

2. Whats immediatly to your left?

3. Fav kind of pop?

4. What did you last eat?

5. Biggest pet peeve?

6. What automaticly attracts you to someone?

7. Best subject at school?

8. Scariest moment in the last month?

9. Something you want to do but are scared to?

10. Country you want to vist/live in?

11. If you could automaticly learn any language which one?

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1. Meaning of your URL?

Referance to the page where malec breaks up :’(

2. Consider your best quality?

Probably the fact that i can listen and help with peoples problems

3. Best thing that happend today?

My relgion test got moved to wed!!!

4. Live anywhere, imaginary or not, where?

Prob Toronto or Idris :P

5. Favorite lyric, replace keyword with butt.

Original: I’m your new best friend, i’m your new haircut, i’m the alcohol that burns down your neck and into your gut….

Butt version: I’m your new best friend, i’m your new haircut, i’m the alcohol that burns down your neck and into your butt…

6. Last 5 books you read

clockwork prince, insurgent, city of bones, incarceron, linger

7. five people you wouldn’t mind being marooned on an island with

benidict cumberbatch, bill kaulitz, ellen degeneres, john barrowman, the doctor

8. How you came across tumblr?


9. Impossible or not, dream job?

Torchwood, or actress….

10. How many times have you been in love?

Really truly in love? I don’t think ever…

11. Favorite quote?

The saddest people smile the brightest, the most damaged people are the wisest, all because they do not wish to see anyone suffer the way they do!!!

MY questions?

1. fav band that you don’t listen to anymore?

2. fav item in the room you are currently in?

3. Which side of your family do you like more?

4. Fav course in school?

5. Do you own any fan items? what?

6. Book that you want to read but havn’t?

7. Hot chocolate, coffee or tea?

8. Fav actor?

9 Movie you wanna see?

10. If you could change one thing in the past year what would it be?

11. Randomest thing you own?

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herondale institute!












Well actually two but whatever

1) You know how Jace and Emma have blond hair, but Jem is marrying Tessa who can’t have kids, and Will is prob gonna be forever alone or with Tessa. AND NONE OF THEM HAVE BLOND HAIR!!!! but you know who does….Jessimine…and Nate….who are married…So I’m thinking Jessimine is pregnant with twins but since she’s in jail then she can’t keep the kids. So one of them is adopted by Tessa and Jem, and the other by Will thus continuing the Herondale and Carstairs lines and creating the blond gene.

2) (Just warning this one might hurt a bit) So you know how everyone thinks Brother Zachariah is either Will or Jem. Well (to my knowledge) Cassie hasn’t released anything about how you become a Silent Brother. Maybe you become a one when your Parabati dies, so it could easily be either of them.

Just things that I was thinking about because I’m scared for Clockwork Princess….