dreading it

Stand By Me (1986)

season 2b wishlist:

  • no more brainwashing
  • may getting to share as much or as little about bahrain as she wants (ie it isn’t brought out into the open by her ex)
  • lots and lots and lots and LOTS of fitzskimmons (please i PRAY)
  • TRIP ALIVE AND WELL. don’t even need a plausible explanation at this point
  • even just a single maysimmons scene is it a matter of money is it money you want iS IT MONEY 
  • mama may in general
  • leopold fitz finding his self-worth 
  • jemma coming into her own as head of the science division (please give us a good jemma arc i am begging you)
  • skye understanding that her shield family loves her anyway
  • kara lynn palamas getting a recovery arc
  • where is anne weaver?? what happened to the kids at the academy???
  • more coulson/talbot flirting (can all of coulson’s scenes be this)
  • is mike peterson okay is ace okay
  • fitzsimmons-ing
  • jemma and lance being sibs
  • the team!!! not!!! being ‘torn apart’!!!!!
  • grant ward gets a dog