dreading it


Ok so basically one of my mutuals got a dm w rena ((the girl from hey violet that has dreads)) and tried confronting her abt the whole situation.

*NOTE: i was added as a moderator bc as a black girl, I know more abt this topic* she showed her tweets abt her dreads and how ppl thought they were ok, and how big of an influence she had on people who listen to her & 5sos’ music. ((SHE CALLED THE BAND HIV ON ACCIDENT…AUTOCORRECT IS A BITCH…she was trying to write hv i promise))

Anyway, a couple days after these were sent, Rena left the convo without saying one word. Not even to apologize or speak her mind. This pissed me off bc she SAW the dms, and refused to acknowledge anything we were saying. She could’ve played the “i respect your opinion but…” Card and i would feel better, but she completely blew off what we were trying to say.

I’ve been dragging out the fact that she’s appropriating black culture, but it makes me really mad and I have the right to be mad, so if you get annoyed you’re part of the problem.
Pls don’t defend her, especially not on this. More ppl will start to feel like it’s ok to appropriate ppls cultures when it’s really not, and it makes PoC uncomfortable so pls don’t do it :) thank you!


And the Tuesday stream result is another completed commission work done for lafaiette of her Lavellan in Tarot Arcana; Queen of Cups!

Those who missed the stream but would love to see can do it on my stream channel the whole session!

This one was fun to work with and she could be sister of Sanaa for sure, even tho many details are different, but they share some similar traits visually. Just to clear it up! :>