dreading it

10 reasons why you should be watching Penny Dreadful
  • Well written and interesting characters
  • Breaking boring tv tropes since 2014
  • There’s no self-centered protagonist: everyone has their own storylines and they are all equally important
  • Eva Green is so so talented here you have no idea
  • A ++ terror
  • Victorian age and pretty dresses
  • Flawless LGBT representation
  • Really, almost everyone is pansexual or bisexual
  • Nice platonic relationships
  • Not forced romantic plots

Seriously if this show disappoints you- wait, no, i’m joking. There’s no way that could possibly happen


Vanessa x Victor: The Comic Relief Siblings: ME FAVE MOMENTS

- Penny Dreadful (2.04, “Evil Spirits In Heavenly Places”)

Easily the FUNNIEST, most FUN scene to watch! These two are absolutely brilliant together! The first time (and prolly the last, me reckons!) Vanessa actually Laughed. Out. Loud! Her look of amusement at Victor is totes adorbs. And Victor’s ever-horrified face at the sight of female clothing (nevermind the under-garments!), basically anything female (except Vanessa)…PRICELESS. And how comfortable Victor is around Vanessa! Like a little brother to his sister. LOVE their dynamic!