Deep down in the ocean that is where i’ll be found, head is underwater and it don’t make a sound. The rock that hit the bottom got its head on the ground. There’s nothing in this world that can bring us down.


Sooooo lately ive been thinking hard core about dreading my hair… I never do it, I rarely wash it and when I do it’s usually just baking soda and apple cider vinegar… I realllly love the way they look and i feel like my hair is just going in that direction any who…. Anyone got any advice? Is this a definite yay go for it? or nay youll regret it. Im just worried that I wont get a job when I graduate bc of them….but then again I see all these people whom have successfully brushed them out just fine. I have been doing my research because I dont wanna be one of those fucks who just do it and act like they know their shit and they dont lol. I want to be educated before I dedicate myself to this. I know what is to come but if someone wanted to give their 2 cents, that would be splendid.


This is my darling, my soul mate, my best friend! ~ <3

Miss lovely Luna Vader.. (she’d slaughter me if i uttered her birth given name : X )

She means everything to me, and is my sister. I don’t know what I would do with out her , even though she lives a ways away now.. I still miss her everyday and keep her dear to my heart. I never lose sight of our relationship , no matter the time lapsed in between. 

My friendships aren’t defined by how consistent our contact via. texting and “FB chat” is.. It’s dictated by holding onto that feeling, provoking it from one another.. and never even knowing the time had built a wall in between two such loving creatures.. OH WAIT, it didn’t. HAH. But, yes. DUDE, snail mails WAY BETTER… or fucking call someone once n’awhile , aright?