Bixanna Week: First

"Wow I heard you like baby dolls? Can you make me one?!"

"Your tattoo looks really cute, like a gingerbread man!"

"Heeeeey~ Are you sleeping?!"

He found her a bit annoying, yet instead of shoving her away, he tried to ignore her and opted to shut his eyes closed, wary of the bewitching effects that her twinkling blue eyes may possibly give him… which probably sounded pretty silly for someone who possessed Figure Eyes.


For this entry I visualize something like a first meeting huehue


49 Days - AU

A story about a cheerful girl (Meredy) with a seemingly perfect life but one day she got into an accident separating her body and soul. She meets this spirit guy called the Scheduler (Gray) who tells her that she must obtain 3 teardrops shed out of love to leave out of her comatose state. For her quest she was allowed to possess the body of a suicidal girl (Juvia), who works nightshift, so Meredy is able to borrow her body to try and talk to her closest 3 people. Meanwhile there’s also this guy (Lyon) who admires the cheery disposition of the main girl from afar so he was devastated to know she was in a coma, but when one day he saw the happy Juvia (who is actually Meredy possessing her body), he is reminded of the girl who always greets him with a smile…

The Gruvia part in this is actually a spoiler for the series lmao the Scheduler is Juvia’s dead boyfriend so it’s the reason why she was in a depressive state in the first place… When he died tho he lost his memories so he doesn’t recognize her… ;w;

This became longer than what I intended lmao sry