I drew these all over the course of a year? Year and a half? As a little side project for Drawnout18 a while back.

Obviously I improved leaps and bounds with each one. Not sure I’m where I want to be yet thougggh.

I think everyone forgets we did this project though. Whyyy.

I mean. This is why I laugh at people that use photoshop textures for Toothless’ scales. All of these are hand drawn (although I did cheat in the third one a bit; it’s still drawn by me though).

drawnoutblog said: Is this gonna be a new story or something later on?


Naw, Wuzzwump is a daily creativity challenge run by my friends. It’s kept me successfully drawing at least a little every day since July (this is a miracle honestly) and I’ve DRAWN SOMETHING ORIGINAL EVERY ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Needless to say, I’ve found it quite beneficial.

That being said, I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to recycling any of these critters for something else one day. And I’m sure that’s what they’re for! LOL