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I kinda agree with everyone about a love triangle between Bonnie, Damon and Elena. Hell the only way I can see bonnie telling Elena she should give Damon another chance is if Bonnie herself is falling for Damon as well. But ofc this is Bonnie so she'll want to respect Elena by never telling her that she has feeling for Damon, Bonnie would probably only admit it to Caroline tbh. This is the case were I think if bamon were to happen Damon would have to make the first move.

tbh… I could kind of see them using this as the first thing to truly come between Bonnie and her blind adoration of Elena.

Which sort of excites me, now that I’m thinking about it? lol

I could see it happening 2 ways:

1. Memoryless Elena is still struggling over her confusion about Damon. She is morbidly curious but at the same time, she’s wracked by the memories of all the awful things he did. She talks to Bonnie about it, expecting the usual quiet, unbiased listening from her. But instead Bonnie gets really angry, really defensive on Damon’s behalf. It might be enough to prove to them both that Bonnie has feelings for Damon… which I can only imagine would drive a wedge of awkwardness between them. Not to mention that I think Bonnie would relate to Damon’s statement that he would have “lived with the agony” rather than erase his memories. Maybe she would feel betrayed on his behalf too.

2. (and this is actually the one that I prefer) Both Elena and Damon are confiding in Bonnie now. And both are asking her advice on their DE relationship. At first, Bonnie falls into this role quite naturally. But as time goes on, and she becomes privy to more and more of what the DE dynamic actually is (in all its awful toxicity, as opposed to all their loud declarations about how HAPPY they make each other), Bonnie gets more and more uncomfortable being in the middle. At the same time, Bonnie is realizing that she’s growing resentful of Elena’s wishy-washiness and jealous of Damon’s love for her… and meanwhile Damon is plowing through his own Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna” arc.

ngl I just wanna make a You Make Me Wanna gifset idec

But yeah, with that second option… I could envision Bonnie being changed, growing out of her unquestioning blind loyalty to all things Elena. Because she’s as much on Damon’s side as Elena’s on this now, perhaps even more so with her developing feelings. And, as one article writer pointed out yesterday, Damon isn’t just affected by Bonnie, Bonnie is affected by him too. What if she stood up for herself? What if she finally drew the line, saying I can’t do this anymore, I can’t quietly watch you guys destroy yourselves?

Or what if she she took a page out of the Damon handbook and fought for the love she feels for Damon, even knowing he has something going on with someone else?

I mean that would be a triangle. Bonnie as she is now with all her Elena-worshipping… I feel it would be like you said, she’d just keep quiet. Not much drama there, not as much story. I guess they could wring some angst out of that too. But I just love the idea of Bamon (or anything, really!) acting as a catalyst for Bonnie to grow out of her subservience.