so i’ve been re organizing and moving around my control room. I’m trying to make my work flow better and easier. so far it looks like i’ve accomplished this. Most of the wiring is done. Now to clean up the rest of the place. (and in case you’re wondering, behind the  black screens on the wall, are big old JBL mid-far field monitors)

Just moved around a bunch of hardware, getting ready for some big sessions! #recordingstudio #recordingengineer #mixing #mastering #gearsluts #ssl #retro #universalaudio #inwardconnections #sphere #tubetech #summitaudio #empiricallabs #atc #purpleaudio #drawmer #sontec (at The Rattle Room)


King Mokii sessions day 3 Early morning tracking #ssl #sslduality #drawmer #warmtone


Today I fixed up my revision A Drawmer DS201 dual noise gate. I ordered the parts yesterday, so woop woop mr postman for getting them here today!

It was a simple repair, some utter twonk (not me) broke the arm of the threshold knob; meaning that one side was virtually useless. The only thing that had me in utter rage was trying to get the chassis back together [it is quite literally the dumbest piece of british engineering I have encountered[, In short… it’s a rubik’s cube covered in sudoku written in wingdings by the illuminati. So after a frustrating amount of effort I managed to get it back together and looking rather swanky. I had to make a slightly sneaky modification to one of the dials, as the older ones have a circular shaft (hehe shaft), and the replacements have a D shaped shaft, so I got my soldering iron and melted a nice circle inside it and considered it job done (I am slightly ashamed at my laziness).

I’ve got another DS201 to repair, though that one had it’s decay knob knocked off so it’ll be similar but not an identical ordeal:’( So I’m mentally preparing myself to do that one later

After these are both done, it’s time to order a new torodial transformer for my DBX160X, as that’s mysteriously blown up :/ Beyond that, i’m still hunting down a transformer for my 1950’s preamp restoration/modification.

It’s so annoying that some of these older pieces have such esoteric parts, Even the drawmers have changed component values! I have to settle for a 500K variable resistor instead of a considerably more expensive 470K as per the original spec, not that it will make a tremendous amount of difference mind. It just bugs me knowing that it wont be a direct replacement.

Anyway, I digress, I tangent, I am a bit of a loon. Hope you enjoyed this!

Live and Learn

Today I made an interesting discovery. I was mixing a band for a live radio broadcast and they had one of these old things at the studio.

An old school analog gate/expander - I had never used something like this in a studio before. I’ve used the trusty dbx gates on live gigs, but never in a recording studio. For many years now the Waves SSL plug-ins have been my bread and butter and the dynamics on the G-Channel is an integral part of all of my drum mixes, specially the gate/expander. I know the sound of that software like the back of my hand and I know exactly what I can get from it.   With the sound of the Waves stuff firmly in my memory, I inserted that old thing on kick and snare, just to see what it’s like and it completely blew my socks off - it sounded absolutely FANTASTIC! It’s so musical, so smooth, so easy to get what you want and most importantly: what a sound! That thing really has a distinctive character, nothing like digital gates which just “opens and closes”. The DS201 really has a sound of it’s own, plus you get what you want much, much quicker than with a plug-in gate.   In case you’re wondering what it sounds like, especially the skeptical die-hard digital guys out there, I uploaded this sample track so you can make your own mind about it. On this track I have the gated kick and snare, and I bring the mono overhead in and out. The band setup is: guitar, bass, drums and vocal, and they’re all in the same room playing “Witchy Woman” by The Eagles.  

DIY Projects.

Okay, I will admit something…

I am a bit of a gearjunkie.

There I said it. I have a lot of projects that I meant to have had up and runningby now, but sadly they’re mostly gathering dust in my flightcase downstairs.

I’ve decided, that when I graduate… I am gonna give myself three months to get them all fixed up and working, otherwise I will simply get rid of them. This includes my:

  • Bowers + Wilkins DM110s (need replacement drivers),
  • Leak 2200 (needs some kind of wizard)
  • Pair of DS-201s (electronic components)
  • DBX160A (new transformer)
  • 60’s Ferrograph tape recording pre-amp into guitar amp/mic pre project (worst £50 I ever spent)
  • And I will fix/replace the damn castor on my Artisan 4x12!

I have put a lot of money into these projects already, and it just seems dumb that I haven’t found the time to get them finished. Blerh.