so i’ve been re organizing and moving around my control room. I’m trying to make my work flow better and easier. so far it looks like i’ve accomplished this. Most of the wiring is done. Now to clean up the rest of the place. (and in case you’re wondering, behind the  black screens on the wall, are big old JBL mid-far field monitors)


Today I fixed up my revision A Drawmer DS201 dual noise gate. I ordered the parts yesterday, so woop woop mr postman for getting them here today!

It was a simple repair, some utter twonk (not me) broke the arm of the threshold knob; meaning that one side was virtually useless. The only thing that had me in utter rage was trying to get the chassis back together [it is quite literally the dumbest piece of british engineering I have encountered[, In short… it’s a rubik’s cube covered in sudoku written in wingdings by the illuminati. So after a frustrating amount of effort I managed to get it back together and looking rather swanky. I had to make a slightly sneaky modification to one of the dials, as the older ones have a circular shaft (hehe shaft), and the replacements have a D shaped shaft, so I got my soldering iron and melted a nice circle inside it and considered it job done (I am slightly ashamed at my laziness).

I’ve got another DS201 to repair, though that one had it’s decay knob knocked off so it’ll be similar but not an identical ordeal:’( So I’m mentally preparing myself to do that one later

After these are both done, it’s time to order a new torodial transformer for my DBX160X, as that’s mysteriously blown up :/ Beyond that, i’m still hunting down a transformer for my 1950’s preamp restoration/modification.

It’s so annoying that some of these older pieces have such esoteric parts, Even the drawmers have changed component values! I have to settle for a 500K variable resistor instead of a considerably more expensive 470K as per the original spec, not that it will make a tremendous amount of difference mind. It just bugs me knowing that it wont be a direct replacement.

Anyway, I digress, I tangent, I am a bit of a loon. Hope you enjoyed this!

Gear list for the new Aphex Twin album.

A Designs Reddi
A Designs Pacifica
ADT Toolkit x4
Akai S950HXC
AKG Contact Mics
Alice Mixer
Allen Heath Mix Wizard
Allen Organ Spring Reverb
API 3124+
API 550A
API 550 orig
API 550B
API 560
API 8200A
ARP 2500
Atari 1040 + Midi Expansion + HXC
Avedis E27
Bode Vocoder
Boss BX16
Boss BX8
Boss GE7
Buzz Audio Arc1.1
Calrec Minimixer
Calrec RQP3200
Casio FZ10 + F220M + HXC
Chandler Delay Black
Chandler Delay Cream
Chandler Zoner Limiter
Cirklon Sequencer
Court Acoustics Graphic
Crumar Bit01 White
Cwejman RES4 x3
Cwejman VCO6
Disklavier MKIV Pro Custom
DPA 4052
Drawmer Stereo Gate
Dytronics FS1
Elysia Mpressor
EML 101. Modded
EMS 2000 Vocoder
EMT 140 Plate/Stereo/Tube
EMT 240 Gold Foil
EMT 252 FX
EMT 258 x4 Filters
Ensoniq ASR10
Eventide DSP4000
Eventide H3000 DSE
Eventide H949 x4
Focusrite ISA110 Orig x8
Focusrite ISA430
Fulltone Tape Echo
Harrison 32EQ GR500
HAT Mechanical Drums
Helios x2
Intellijel Rubicon
JH Arp Quadra Phaser
JH Storm Tide Flanger x2
JH Tau Phaser
Jomox Sunsyn V1 x2
Kawai K5000R
Klark Teknik DN780
Korg DS8
Korg Minipops7 Midi, sepouts
Korg PS3200
Korg PS3300 x3
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM70
Lynx Aurora 16
Make Noise DPO
Marion PROSynth x2
Meinl Water UDU
Micmix Dynaflanger
Micmix Masteroom 2
Midas Venice Desk
Midimoogs x2
Modular Systems/Eurorack
Moog Memory Lintronics
MTI Ensemble
Mum&Dad Vocals
Musicmaid Claptrap x4
Nagra IV-S
Neotek Elite 64 Channel Custom
Neumann U473 x2
Oberheim OBX, racked
Oberheim Modular SEMs, racked
Orla DSE24
Pearl SC40
Pearl Syncussion, racked/midi/mod x4
Plugins, various
Pultec EQP-1A3
Quad Eight 248 x2
Quantec Room Simulator
Retro Instruments Powerstrip
Rhodes Chroma
RME Fireface800
RMI Harmonic Synth
Roland 101e, modded
Roland CE1
Roland D550
Roland MKS50
Roland MKS70
Roland R8/R8M
Roland TR606, modded
Roland TR606
Sci Prophet VS
Sci Prophet5, racked/keyboard
Sennheiser VSM201
Sergio Modular 9-panel
Shure Auxpander
Siemens V78 x2
Simmons SDS3
SM Pro PEQ505
Songbird Trichorus x2
Sound Devices 722
Soundcraft Ghost
Soundworkshop 262
SSL 4000 Channel Strips x5
SSL X desk
Studio Electronics Code8 Full
Synthoma Elkorus
Synton Syntovox 221 x2
Tantek Flanger/Delay
Tongue Drums
Valley People Gain Brains
Valley People Kepex x10
Yamaha CS80
Yamaha D5000
Yamaha DX100, modded
Yamaha DX11
Yamaha EX42
Yamaha FS1R
Yamaha RX11
Yamaha TX16W x2
Zither AFX-scale

Bank Thin Room
Big Room
Mod Room

Live and Learn

Today I made an interesting discovery. I was mixing a band for a live radio broadcast and they had one of these old things at the studio.


An old school analog gate/expander - I had never used something like this in a studio before. I’ve used the trusty dbx gates on live gigs, but never in a recording studio. For many years now the Waves SSL plug-ins have been my bread and butter and the dynamics on the G-Channel is an integral part of all of my drum mixes, specially the gate/expander. I know the sound of that software like the back of my hand and I know exactly what I can get from it.


With the sound of the Waves stuff firmly in my memory, I inserted that old thing on kick and snare, just to see what it’s like and it completely blew my socks off - it sounded absolutely FANTASTIC! It’s so musical, so smooth, so easy to get what you want and most importantly: what a sound! That thing really has a distinctive character, nothing like digital gates which just “opens and closes”. The DS201 really has a sound of it’s own, plus you get what you want much, much quicker than with a plug-in gate.


In case you’re wondering what it sounds like, especially the skeptical die-hard digital guys out there, I uploaded this sample track so you can make your own mind about it. On this track I have the gated kick and snare, and I bring the mono overhead in and out. The band setup is: guitar, bass, drums and vocal, and they’re all in the same room playing “Witchy Woman” by The Eagles.



DIY Projects.

Okay, I will admit something…

I am a bit of a gearjunkie.

There I said it. I have a lot of projects that I meant to have had up and runningby now, but sadly they’re mostly gathering dust in my flightcase downstairs.

I’ve decided, that when I graduate… I am gonna give myself three months to get them all fixed up and working, otherwise I will simply get rid of them. This includes my:

  • Bowers + Wilkins DM110s (need replacement drivers),
  • Leak 2200 (needs some kind of wizard)
  • Pair of DS-201s (electronic components)
  • DBX160A (new transformer)
  • 60’s Ferrograph tape recording pre-amp into guitar amp/mic pre project (worst £50 I ever spent)
  • And I will fix/replace the damn castor on my Artisan 4x12!

I have put a lot of money into these projects already, and it just seems dumb that I haven’t found the time to get them finished. Blerh.