There Is A Jar & Planning Tea Time

Tale-Teller Heart and Drawin Wolf play each other’s songs in a blanket fort because life is too short to not live in one.




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drawinwolf replied to your posti love your dreadlocks, they look so amazing on…

yeah but why have dreds when you could have like, any other hairstyle that ISNT appropriative? :\ not an attack, just sayin. white folks shouldnt have em , i cut mine off a while ago, its really not a big deal.

i’m doing what makes me happy. the day i can’t justify my hairstyle for myself i will not continue having dreads. today is not that day. i also think that while the world is becoming more and more global, in sweden we have a different view on dreads as a hairstyle than people in the us do. and as it is here i spend my time, i am going to look towards the response of people who are actually in my life, and whether they feel i am doing anything bad, and not to the collective of tumblr.

drawinwolf asked:

Sounds swell!

as the moon catches sunlight, the conductor taps their baton on edge of a music stand. waves sift about polished leather shoes, bows are raised. at the first pizzicato pluckings, the ocean vibrates. several low cello swoons bring the depths forth. as the tempo rises, so does the tide. perfectly pressed pants become briny with salt. each end pin pressed so tightly in the sand shifts ever slightly. whitecaps crash forte, fortissimo! the moon shines with delight. the conductor’s coat tails ebb and flow in time with the baton strokes, and as the sea is about to swallow the orchestra the sounds swell!

and then drift away.