“Oh,dearest boy of snow,” the North Wind whispers,
as it breathes against the crystal of Ice,
“Dearest Prince of Frost,” it sings, “It will soon be your time to reign…It is time for you to awaken…”

((Hey everyone! wow,can’t believe its been half a year since i touched this blog… is ROTG still a big thing around here? It’s getting cooler where I am,and I remembered my Jack, I really do wish I could find the time to keep this blog up and running again…I really miss RP-ing as my version of Dark!Jack and drawing him… and i’m really super flattered that people still send messages in and follow me…! :’)

just feeling sentimental so i doodled Jack, miiiight be able to RP more frequently when its closer to Christmas,but we’ll have to see. 


“I don’t have time for ‘Fun’. I still bear responsibility of bringing you undeserving little morsels Winter. Nor am I interested in roaming around aimlessly again. It just reminds me of…”
The young man caught himself before revealing too much,clearing his throat lightly and continuing to let his index finger dance over Pitch’s golden glowing globe,intensifying the circling motion of his fingers as he passed over areas packed with glimmering lights.

“'Guardian of Fun’…” Jack muttered to himself,scoffing,“I beg to differ. I happen to have been the only 'Guardian’,” he voiced the word mockingly,“that had to do everything on his own.”

“And no,I have yet to hear of any elaborate plan to take over the world from my King.”


“Well,Lock smells clean,like sanitizer or soap most of the time.He’s quite the ‘Clean Freak.'And sometimes like those gun cleaning oils.As for Shock,he always has the smell of stale blood on him.Even if he’s clean.”

“If you meant what their blood tastes like…Shock’s has a rather..Pungent taste.A rather rich flavour.Then Lock’s is rather bland,no particular sweetness or taste.I suspect its their difference in diet." 

Thneednight:“Nega! Get out of here! I’m still trying to get him to talk about Dr.McMonkey McBean!”

Neganight:“Daarling.No need to feel jealous because I’m feeding Don-Don sweets! It’s a trick of mine! You have to get them to trust you first! And don’t worry,I’ll give you something much sweeter tonight~”

Don:“…How the hell did they get in here again!?”