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This page from Drawing Papers 94 features Paul Rudolph’s Perspective rendering of vertical housing elements at the approach to the Williamsburg Bridge, composed with brown ink on paper in 1970.

The 2010 exhibition Paul Rudolph: Lower Manhattan Expressway presented records of Rudolph’s visionary proposal, and highlighted his unique approach to architectural drawing. The Lower Manhattan Expressway (LME) was first conceived by “master builder” Robert Moses in the late 1930s as an expressway system running across Lower Manhattan connecting the Holland Tunnel to the west side of Manhattan with the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges. The idea was revisited by architect Paul Rudolph in 1967 when the Ford Foundation commissioned a study of the project. Had it been constructed, this major urban design plan would have transformed New York City’s topography and infrastructure.

Rudolph’s drawing is a draft of perspective showing the residential towers that would flank the approach to the Williamsburg Bridge, with the vantage point floating high above the suspended residential units.  

The Drawing Papers are a series of publications documenting The Drawing Center’s exhibitions and public programs and providing a forum for the study of drawing. For more information about Drawing Papers 94, click here.

-Kate Robinson, Bookstore Manager

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