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From alot of suggestions I decided to do a voice over tutorial on making brushes + a few other things I think would be useful such as tool presets, smudges, and lastly Speed painting :) .I painted this using the brushes and tools I made during this tutorial :) I will post the full image later on !  This voice over will over all of those things !

** made available through my patreon**

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Hey this is super urgent

so my parents decided to take my laptop away because in the couple months that i’ve been home I havent been able to get a job (ive obviously applied but they apparently dont understand the job market) and they’ve decided to take a away a number of my things INCLUDING MY COMPUTER.

Right now my commissions are my only source of income and I need to move out as soon as possible. If i can convince my parents that I have art related work theyll let me use my computer for a bit every day.

Please please help!! I’m lowering commission prices because i just really need this!!!!!



bust/waist or chest-up (colored): $10

Full body(colored): $12

Full body(lineart only): $5

Each additional figure: +$2


Ill pretty much draw anything except animals or mechs!

Please provide referece pictures!

Even if you cant afford the full price even anything you can offer is fine!!!

My paypal is b.masi110@gmail.com


examples of my work: