Daily drawing!!! So i missed out on doing a daily drawing yesterday(working on huge commission right now) so i combined Tech Tuesday w/ Woman Wednesday for Techwoman Tuwednesday!!! Enjoy. 8.5x11 bristol board w/ Pilot Precise V5 pen, Prismacolor black marker, Sharpie and ink pad.

Artwork copyright John C. Narcomey Jr all rights reserved.

Two years ago this picture was taken during the first interview @turnstylefilms filmed with John G. We have been filming with him since. We’re finally starting post-production on it in the coming weeks. We don’t know how long it will be but we can’t wait to get cutting. #drawhard #johng #documentary #tsf #turnstylefilms #filmmaking #indiefilm #cle #cleveland #clevelandfilm #lakeeriemonster

CHOLO LIBRE pin up by my pal and universally known creator of ZOMBIE TRAMP, DAN MENDOZA!!! This pin-up is for the CHOLO LIBRE: 24 HOUR TRILOGY trade that i will have availble at this years AMAZING LAS VEGAS CON. If you don’t know the work of universally known creator of ZOMBIE TRAMP, DAN MENDOZA then you have been in a black hole, his awesome stylings and undead hooters are the legendary stuff of legend!!! Check his work out here: http://www.toxiccandie.com/