Draw yourself series: put a series (game, anime, show) in my ask, and I’ll try to draw myself as though I was from that series

miyakuli said: Draw Yourself meme : Donten ni Warau :3

Myself as a miko??? idk I just wanted to draw a pretty kimono


DRAW YERSELF meme. So far I’m done with three of the rows and i’m on my third. This is too addicting and KIND OF HARD? but not really. I wanted to post my progress somewhere else besides my facebook. SOOOOO here it is.


Can I just be the mother goddess? Please?

(Hey look, something traditional I did awhile back! I haven’t drawn traditionally in ages!)


Well, you probably think I’d be a cheerful genderqueer,- not so much! There are two possibilities.
1. A titan (I mean not titan shifter. AN UGLY TITAN, like Moe Titan or Santa or Freddie)
2. The-first-one-to-die,- that option is quite fun! If I was there in the story, Marco wouldn’t be dead now!

(Sorry for this sketchy crappy form, but I’m facing an art-block so it’s quite difficult to make something coloured and nice or so)

DRAW YOURSELF AS A CHARACTER FROM... (yet another draw yourself series)
  • send asks with the number(s) you want me to draw myself in the STYLE of
  • the main goal of this is to challenge artists and try new styles
  • 1:gravity falls
  • 2:steven universe
  • 3:bob's burgers
  • 4:adventure time
  • 5:danganronpa
  • 6:free!
  • 7:teen titans (original or go!)
  • 8:sailor moon
  • 9:attack on titan
  • 10:pokemon
  • 11:powerpuff girls
  • 12:animal crossing
  • 13:(any other anime of your choosing)
  • 14:minecraft
  • 15:original disney style(snow white, cinderella, beauty and the beast)
  • 16:fairly odd parents
  • 17:chowder
  • 18:marvelous misadventures of flapjack
  • 19:regular show
  • 20:amazing world of gumball
  • 21:6teen
  • 22:total drama
  • 23:phineas and ferb
  • 24:scooby doo!
  • 25:codename: kids next door
  • 26:foster's home for imaginary friends
  • 27:kim possible
  • feel free to add more styles you'd like to do!