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Disclaimer- The world of Harry Potter belongs to J.K.Rowling and Bloomsberry and blah blah blah . We all know , I am just borrowing them and will certainly return them back after I’m done  playing with them (for now) . That being said, do anyone even read these disclaimers of the fanfictions ???

Warnings- male/male relationship. ( That shouldn’t be a warning , what else would you find this fic under DRARRY tag for ? ) Angst ! ( might be labeled’ ‘Flangst’  ) Might be triggering  

Pairing- DM/HP  
Era- Post-war
Hogwarts Eighth Year


"Be." , he whispered.
And there was an idea of being. To be. An idea so large and hollow that it would slip and sit in the cracks where he had been broken and had to put himself back together….., so large that when it pulled on his chest , he cried out , screamed his misaries , pulled at his hair making them fall in a curtain around his tear-strained skeleton face.


So young yet so damaged ! The ‘statement’ , though not spoken aloud , could be seen clearly in the eyes of the mind healer at St. Mungo’s. The pity was so clear in her eyes . It sickened him. He braced himself to put on display his perfectly practiced sneer . Malfoys can NEVER be subjected to pity ! Oh , to hell with that !  Draco decided against it at last. Pity ? That was a rare emotion towards a Malfoy right now. The sheer hatred , the sneered faces , the not so gentle shoves in the alleys , the hexes and curses thrown ……..  It was as if years of making life hell for certain messy haired , green eyed , saviour-of-the-world git and his minions were paying off ! He wondered , why , a witch , would pity him , smile at him like that , like you would at a wounded , whimpering animal! With a little shake of his head , he smiled back ,  much more cheerful than he was feeling , much cheerful than her. Clutching the parchment with the floo address  written on it he  sauntered out of the depressingly stark white room. I wonder if she’s a mudb…muggleborn ! That would explain why she pitied a ‘boy’ , marked death eater, a ‘soldier’ of the wrong side of the Second Great Wizarding War (more like a spawn at the hands of the so-called soldiers of a  snarky creepy dark lord) ! No , not even that would explain this strange behaviour. The muggleborns were more likely to hex him the moment they lay eyes on him ! At last he agreed with the fourth-voice-of-reason in his head - like everything in this bloody mind-healing-crap his mother forced him into , Johanna was also a confusing , confused , forgive-and forget-kindof Hufflepuff soul .


Nearly a year since the war , Hogwarts found itself bathing  in all her restored glory ! The september air fresh , crisp with  the anticipation of the welcoming of the new students . Yes , Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy re-opened . Prof McGonagall , newly appointed  Headmistress of the school , stood at the Astronomy Tower resting her palms on the railing. Her misty eyes didn’t escape the notice of her companion. ” Now, Minerva, I understand, but a new start is necessary. A fresh beginning. We can’t let them die in vain. ” Prof. Flitwick’s high pitched voice somehow awkward , trying to make it sound huskier. The addressed  witch turned to face the wizard. ” I know . I know. ” Clearing her throat to get rid of the emotions gathered there , she added, “Did we recieve the letter from Mr. Potter ? ”
"Oh , yes . This morning. He and Mr. Weasley boarded the train earlier today. He apolozised for delay in reply too , wrote that he still  didnt have an owl and it was Mr. Weasley’s owl that brought the letter. So that makes thirteen students who are coming back to repeat the seventh year , is it ?  "
With a little affirmative  hum , she turned back to the magnifiscent view laid before her.
A fresh beginning indeed.


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After the war, the Ministry decides to reform the Death Eaters, and Draco Malfoy is one of the first chosen for the program.

Chapters: 23

Words: 61,113

Review: B+ I think this might be the longest story we’ve posted so far! The AU is pretty groovy, and I really like how the author incorporated all the other characters into the story. Great character development and building romance.

Something More by thusspakekate


Summary: After a night of drinking, Harry Potter has a love bite the size of Wales on his neck and an unsigned note from the man who gave it to him in his pocket. The only problem? He can’t quite remember who he brought home with him the night before. And what’s got Draco Malfoy in such a strop?

.Draco/Harry, NC-17, angst, fluff, pining, EWE, Auror.

Word Count: 9, 000


A Very Weasley Christmas by Stephanniexo


Summary: Harry takes Draco to the Weasley’s for Christmas. As far as Draco was concerned Harry needed his head examined. Harry on the other hand assured Draco he had a plan for if anything went wrong, and that’s what worried him.

.Draco/Harry, M, holiday, angst, drama, romance, fluff.

Word Count: 10, 000


Compatibility by anathema91


Summary: Harry’s Auror training hits a sour note when he is stuck with Draco Malfoy as his partner. Even amidst the excitement of Animagus training, the two are unable to get along. Will their incompatibility jeopardize their training, or will they finally learn to work as a team?

.Draco/Harry, NC-17, Auror, EWE, angst, fluff.

Word Count: 17, 000


Cunning and Ambition

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Harry Potter has found out he’s a wizard and is on his way Hogwarts. He is found by a boy on the train. Who knew one simple sentence and one simple gesture could change history? A

Slytherin!Harry AU

ABANDONED DURING BOOK SIX (I know the post said it was the whole series. The post was wrong. Sorry)

Words: 50017

Chapters: 16/16

Review: A+ Ohmygod I cannot give this story enough praise, not only is the drarry a wonderful slow-build but the entire AU is just so perfect! I love the fact that the author incorporated the milestone events in the story while giving them their own little twist, but they also came up with new problems and events that fic perfectly in the story. Even though I’m absolutely devastated this is finished and never will be I promise you, whether you ship drarry or not, this is a story you need to read if you’re a fan of Harry Potter. (I only posted the link of book one in the series but there are links at the end of each story to advance to the next book)

A Helping Hand by softly_sweetly


Summary: Finally doing something about his failing magic, Harry is relieved to find out his illness can be fixed. But an unexpected side-effect might produce some surprising results.

.Draco/Harry, NC-17, fluff, angst, post-war, Auror.

Word Count: 10, 000


The Honeymoon by dracosoftie


Summary: Ginny stands Harry up at the altar, leaving him miserable and confused. Enter one Draco Malfoy, solicitor, who manages to muddy the situation even more when he and Harry get marooned on an island.

.Draco/Harry, M, romance, angst, holiday.

Word Count: 64, 000


Chasing the Dragon by Calanthe


Summary: Harry arrives back at Hogwarts for his final year, nursing a huge crush on Blaise Zabini. Following a Polyjuice potion ‘incident’, Harry learns some VERY interesting things about Malfoy and starts to look at the Slytherin in a different light. Harry lets his imagination, and his wicked streak, run wild, with Malfoy on the receiving end of Harry’s game.

.Draco/Harry, eighth year, NC-17, smut, romance, angst, dub-con, dom/sub, drama.

Word Count: 141, 000


‘Animus’ by isolde13


SYNOPSIS: Harry defeated Voldemort. But he did not leave the final battle unscathed. Into his life comes Draco, who’s been working as a prostitute in Muggle London.

 Key Words: Draco/Harry, AU, NC-17, prostitution, violence, not fluffy at all, drinking, kinda happyish ending.

Verdict: This is not a romance story. This is not really a happy fic. Very angsty. Though really, quite realistic, where they don’t fall in love since Harry is pretty messed up to be that for anyone. Twisted, but good. But in my thoughts, they continued on and eventually fell in love, which is some consolation after reading this.

Word Count: 44, 000+



Assalto di Gioia by auroraprimavera


Summary: When a mystery unfolds and Aurors are sent to investigate, Harry Potter finds himself in the middle of the unexpected. Someone he has tried to forget from his past is pushed back into his world and he suddenly finds everything changing. What happens when he learns the truth of the mystery and gives in to the truth of his own heart?

.Draco/Harry, NC-17, Auror, mystery, angst, romance, drama.

Word Count: 33, 000


"A Test of Character" by SilentAuror


Summary: Draco Malfoy is nearly finished his Auror training. However, something comes up in his character testing which may prevent him from qualifying: he is required to befriend an old enemy.

.Draco/Harry, Auror, NC-17, angst, romance, future.

Word Count: 22, 000


All That Remains by lordhellebore


Summary: In a Great Britain destroyed by war and plagued by magical epidemics, those who are left behind struggle to survive and find meaning. While Draco battles his guilt by becoming a social worker, Harry is headed down a path of self-destruction.

.Draco/Harry, M, angst, hurt/comfort, romance.

Word Count: 22, 000