Aoba's Hairstyle for your drawing reference

I remember seeing his hair loose in Virus/Trip’s Route and Clear’s Bad End, also in Ren’s first story (Good End) in Re:Connect because Aoba specifically mentions he is not going to tie his hair up. I don’t quite remember the rest though… xD

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I’m such a loser, please forgive me.  [Slightly NSFW]

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I keep seeing a lot of people making comments about how Clear shouldn’t be moving and that Noiz shouldn’t have been able to fix him, that this conflicts with the game. This being said I’d like to point out a few things for your consideration.

1. When Clear’s sacrifice occurred in the game not only did they have to escape a crumbling building but they had sex, a rather energy consuming activity. And then once that was over Aoba carried Clear by himself from Platinum Jail.

In the anime there was no great escape after that, it happens on a roof top where Aoba leads Clear to rest in a corner after-wards and I’m pretty positive Aoba probably called for help getting him back, especially since Koujaku asked about Clear’s condition.                                                                                                                                      

2. In the game Aoba hid Clear in his room for months while trying to fix him by himself without the proper tools or knowledge to undertake the task. All things considered, he probably damaged Clear even more with the consistent dragging in and out of the closet and the incessant poking and prodding in parts he had no clue how to deal with.

In the anime Aoba didn’t try to fix Clear himself, he left that to Noiz - the teen freaking tech wunderkind. Noiz handled the repairs he knew he could complete without worsening the problem. He even said 'I did some emergency repairs, you should get him fixed properly later', which imply that he didn’t want to fuck Clear up anymore so when he came to an issue he couldn’t fixed he stopped and moved on to something he could, I doubt in the game Aoba had that frame of mind in his desperation to fix Clear himself.                                                                                                                                      

3. I think a lot of people are underestimating Clear’s willpower and desire to serve/protect his ‘master’ Aoba-san. He said ‘I heard your voice, so here I am’, which one could take to mean that - like in the game - he was repaired enough to the able to move on his own and when he heard Aoba’s voice he wanted to go to him. I mean do you really think Clear would consider his own well being if he 1) thought Aoba was in trouble and 2) knew that he could still protect him despite any lingering injuries or damage? I don’t think he would.

So in conclusion, at least personally, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to consider that Clear is up and fighting. We don’t know that he’s ‘better’ (in fact the bandages state otherwise) but we do know that A) Noiz was able to do something and B) that Clear would do anything to help keep Aoba safe.

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