Kdrama Women’s Week - Day 3

Favourite “Older” Lead: Ban Ji Yeon (Witch’s Romance)

I know, the character in the drama is “only” 39, so not aged 40 up BUT the actress Uhm Jung Hwa is 45. I hope that still counts ;)

I didn’t like that they called the character a “Witch” just because she was a confident, successful and ambitious woman who showed a lot of dedication and pride for her work. Because these character trades are what I like so much about Ban Ji Yeon, a lovable independent woman!


Kdrama Women’s Week || Day Three:  Favourite Older Lead

So I had to write about Can We Get Married?

Deul Ja is by far my favourite person in all dramaland, she’s clever, proud of her family and never back down. She was poor, widow, had two daughters and one sister living under the same roof but never made her family miserable, instead she did all she could do to marry her oldest daughter into a rich family and turned her younger daughter into a teacher. 

One of the saddest part is when she discovered that all she did to her daughter have a wonderful and comfortable life, made her nothing but a miserable and scared wife. We can see her struggle to accept her son-in-law because she now knows what a rich family can do to her family. The best part is she knows that it’s not fair for her family to pay the same amount of money, and if they have a house empty they sure could put the couple there. 

She could pass as greedy but all she wanted was to give everything her family needed, even if she had to wear the outlandish make up that she sells or pretend to be nice when was convenient, and of course, be a evil mother-in-law whenever she had to. She’s so awesome that she knows her daughter can’t be embarassed of her because she hasn’t done anything embarassing at all, and even Hye Won saying that shes embarassed, she knows the girl is wrong. 

What I love most about Deul Ja is that she’s not a nice person, she’s calculist, most of the time thinks she’s the only one right (like Hye Won, but she won’t admit it), needs to have the final word in everything and controls the life of her entirely family. But we know and we feel her unconditional love for them, we also see the change between hating the son-in-law to I can’t stop hugging this bear. And Lee Mi Sook, what a woman. I want to be her one day.