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Anon: Can u post a master list ? Please <3

Anon: Can u post a masterlist

Anon: Masterlist plz! xxxxxxx

Anon: Could you PLEASE post a master list? I Love your stories!


One Shots and requests

Dan Howell

Bathing suits and little crushes (warning: some smut at the end)

In Her Eyes

The Best Night

Pregnancy Tests

How Cliché

I Want You To Know, I Loved You

Girl In The Corner

Scared Of The Dark

Request: Moving In

Handsome Cafe Guy

Request: Luckiest Man Alive

Request: Other Girl

Request: Accidental Touches (smut)

Request: Theme Park Drama

Request: Pretend

Request: Live Show Truth or Dare?

Request: Best Movie Night Ever (threesome smut)

Request: Seeing Stars (threesome smut)

Request: Stretch Mark Insecurities (smut)

Request: Weight Insecurities (smut)

Request: Weight Insecurities 2

Request: Jealous Dan (smut)

Request: Hand Size Insecurities

Request: Small Breast Insecurities 

Request: Under-Weight Insecurities 

Request: Your First Vidcon Collision 

Request: Romantic Days

Request: Dyslexic Insecurities 

Request: Oral Insecurities (smut)

Request: Height Insecurities

Request: I Love Your Tattoos

Request: All For You

Request: I Like Awkward

Request: Not So Secret 

Request: True Enemies (smut)

Request: Never Hated You (smut)

Request: Never Had a Hickey

Request: Scene One (smut)

Request: Like All the Time (smut)

Request: Relationship Comments

Phil Lester

Request: Romantic Days

Michael Clifford

Request: Meeting the Band

Request: Worthless (Trigger Warning)

Ashton Irwin

Request: That L Word

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Hilcrhyme - personal color :D


Drama Theme es el rey Midas del hip hop en este maldito pais.

Fucking GOLD, son!

leavetheworldbehind Vacila osi.

Drama▲Theme - Loyalty - 忠義

Drama▲Theme – Loyalty – 忠義

Drama▲Theme es un beatmaker Venezolanoque se ha ganado el respeto de los mexicanos a costo de bombo y caja, es un ferviente creador de rap beats y se encuentra constantemente liberando remixes y mash-ups de artistas admira. Su estilo explosivo, enérgico y constante; hacen que escuchar su trabajo te lleve rápidamente a mover alguna parte de tu cuerpo al son de su rebote noventero. Pues bien, hace…

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ECDLT con SHO-HAI - NO INTENTEN ESTO EN CASA [Videoclip] @clubdelostris3 @ladieresis @soytrafik @jompy_minimos @djlazerdogma

El Club de los Tristes presenta ”No intenten esto en casa” con la colaboración de Sho-Hai de Violadores del Verso.
Tercer single de el nuevo disco de Trafik, Jompy y Dj Lazer ”E.C.D.L.T”, producido por Drama Theme.

Para hacerte con una copia exclusiva del disco que saldrá durante el mes de Septiembre, envía un e-mail y haz tu pedido a: elclubdelostristes@gmail.com


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I can’t believe I’m going to say this but GMA is really making a difference. I just finished watching all five episodes of Richman’s Daughter and I actually liked it. I’m not really a big fan of local soap operas - epecially teleseryes in the Kapuso network. But, I have to say that I applaud them for taking the risk and presenting such proactive lebian-themed drama in the Philippines. I truly hope that this will be the start of opening the eyes of Filipinos that love is not just for heterosexual couples. And I also hope that there will be more LGBT+ themed shows and movies in the Philippines. Thank you, GMA, for being the pioneer of the blooming change in our country.