Just. Because. Troye. Posts. A. Snapchat. Eating. Curry. At. A. Fucking. Wooden. Table. Does. Not. Mean. He’s. Dating. Connor.

1) Do you know how many wooden tables there are in this world? He could be in my kitchen for all we know.

2) He (and Con and Ty) say that ‘investigation’ and ASSUMPTION make him uncomfortable.

This fandom made him choose to delete the snapchat because of the POINTLESS DRAMA.

mikethesecurityguard asked:

Sounds like someone's a little mmmaaaddd...

Seriously though, you are following someone who supports an ideology that is harmful to poc, neuroatypical, and trans people and hates on otherkin. Truscum are known for being racist/colonialist, ableist, transphobic/transmisogynist, and anti-otherkin and are generally really gross and cissexist. Why are you defending a transmiosgynist like rebornica?


Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards, is answering YOUR questions this week in another edition of #BathroomTherapy! She’s talking about pie, her dog and even the loss of her beloved Robin. Witness more tears, more drama, and more puppeteering in this teaser clip. 

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ah… her arts are so lovely... i like its genuine feeling lingering in each one of them… it’s like an external view of their love. 

The drawings are made with simple lines and colorful strokes….. but it’s more effective than any ineffective attempt to describe with words how Park Bong Soo/Seo Jong Hoo spends his whole time to watch her or how Young Shin seems to obliviously lean toward Healer a little more each time…….

You should visit her instagram ^-^

Cr to : wwdounai87


I did a tag video! I took it very seriously. If you enjoy it, reblog it!

Important question.

Is it really that important to know who is dating who and if these two are just friends and who are not friends that we must overreact to everything and jump to conclusions before we know the whole truth. I really don’t care if Tronnor or Troyler is real. Conler could be real for all I care about. If the are all happy then that is all I need. If they want to be friends then they should be just friends. If they want to date and not tell us then that is theirs to do. They share with us a small amount of their lives and I sometimes feel like we are very ungrateful for that. Before you start forcing them together please think of the consequences. They will become very uncomfortable and will be scared of posting selfies, doing collabs and all of that stuff. I feel like it’s about time we just back off a little and let them be. Support them in what they are doing and keep the shipping in a fun and light way. 

I know I usually don’t talk about the drama the is going on but this time I’ve really had enough and this fandom is so much better than all of this. Don’t let shipping ruin friendships and become a problem. Remember how much you love them and then think about how you would feel if someone was almost forcing you to be with someone. You wouldn’t like and I am sure that they don’t like it. I’m not telling you to stop shipping. I’m telling you to calm it down a little bit. Shipping is supposed to be fun, not ruin friendships.

Okay rant over.