At the end of the match we were all tangled up in the wire after the ref counted three. They had to cut us out of the wire. We were talking to each other while we were all tangled. We thanked each other and whatnot “that was f’n awesome baby, thank you brotha…love ya man” I said to him.. he fired back at me in a Dusty Rhodes voice.. “that was a marvelousssss ride, the feeling is everlasssstin’”.
—  Drake Younger talking about the back and forth conversation between him and Mox at the end of the WXW barbed wire match in Jan, 2010.
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🌸🌸 N E W M U S I C 🌸🌸
yh hi, so if you’re reading this please go on to itunes & search ‘the fallen drakes' & download their new & second e.p ‘anymore cinema’
or for you lazy people, I have the link for you here —-»


they’re an irish alternative rock band from Dublin. sometimes they’re compared to the script so if you like their music, you might like these guys.
trust me when i say they are very hard working especially when they’re not even signed yet, but you can help by downloading this e.p and hey ye might even find something you really love, idk. their aim is grow as big as possible so they can move to doing some gigs outside of Ireland. anyway, they’re also really nice, funny guys, which you can find out for yourself if you follow them on twitter - @thefallendrakes
thank you for reading.
ok now u may scroll past this, ofc once you’ve downloaded the e.p
love you all


A very fast and very painful and close to vomit inducing speed-work run.

Sad that the Nike run app wouldn’t work so I don’t get my credit for the challenges :(

Fastest I’ve gone in a very long time, with moderate amount of breath catching breaks. We forgot our mid-run selfies and for that I’m sad, but I took a few after. The very first is me and the munchkin über cheesing and I love it.


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Serpent Coils The Earth
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The Cosmic Dead - Inner Circle