anonymous said:

What has Cysero conjured up lately?

My poptarts are now alive, none of the Drakel can wear pants, I can’t get past the third floor because the dirty laundry golems are propagating, there’s a glacier on fire on the moon and my entire library’s gravity is reversed along with turning a lovely shade of pink. 

Oh, and he hasn’t paid the rent.

What You Do To Me
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by Fidgety_Witch

Bilbo was taken in by Belladona and Bungo Baggins when he was a mere drakeling.
As he grows, he learnt how to turn himself into a hobbit that could pass as Belladone and Bungo’s biological son.
But then, Gandalf came and swept him into an adventure to help Thorin and The Company get their kingdom back from Smaug. Bilbo was only in it because he wanted to know what dragons are, are dragons as evil as Smaug or is there something else?

No Ring, No Gold Sickness Story

Words: 1684, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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