Help Wanted

Atem looked down at the business card in his hand again. It was plain, classy. Black background blue writing. Dragonware Inc. He would say a strange name, but considering they were second in Duel Monsters tech, it made sense. What didn’t make sense to Atem was the location of this interview. 

When he saw an ad in the paper a couple weeks ago he decided to apply. It was all through email correspondence the email let no clues as to the mysterious owner. Ryuu@Dragonware.net was hardly a clue. Seeing as Ryuu meant dragon and all. He sighed. Perhaps they were eccentric? Atem knew the owner was likely rich enough to be. He happened to know another CEO of a different company and no…better not to think on that right now. He was bored and he wanted a job just like this, he just refused to go and beg Seto Kaiba for one. A king did not beg. He could hear his father’s voice growling in his ear. He shook his head to dislodge it and moved to sit down at a table and drum his fingers idly in waiting on the table in the quiet coffee shop. 

Option 1
Dragonwars Mousepad (200-300) > Datablitz

Option 2
Hexbug (300+) > Toy Kingdom

Option 3
Precision Knife (100-200) > National Bookstore
Paring Knife (100-150) > Sm Dept. Store

Codename : OB1