This month, all of dragonkind come together to celebrate the Rockbreaker’s Ceremony. This festival commemorates the earth flight flight. Our most prized possessions,Deepearth Geode, can be found by using any gathering profession in the Earth area this week. Neutral and Earth element monsters also have a chance to rarely yield these items as drops in the Coliseum.

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The Festive Favors holiday stall is now open for the duration of the holiday and you may trade in Deepearth Geode for exclusive items. It will remain open until the holiday comes to a close on Saturday, November 29th at 23:59 server time.

The Rockbreaker’s Ceremony Skin & Accent Contest results are in:
Congratulations to all of our winners! @Calavera @demonpunk @KingKichi @Maelice@miirshroom @nuttychooky @Pesticide @Shaniae @silversteampunk @Soro@Tankarank @Twigwise ! For the remaining duration of holiday, all 12 of these skins will be stocking in the Treasure Marketplace and six of them will very rarelygathered by digging in the earth area or by battling in the coliseum.

There were so many amazing entries, we had to take note of several honorable mentions. A special thanks to: @Billygoatsgruff @creekdontrise @CrispyCh0colate@cuddlycuttlefish @Dorufuu @dragonsroar @Draujay @EisenDragoon @Feyrah@Hamda @KingKichi @Mabeleweasley @Maudiebeans @Piney @Pumpkinsnuffle@Sakurawr @Scroll @Tenebrae @Tyre @Zikul !

I love the way sound is used in httyd. Everything is amazing, from the soundtrack which focuses on one melody which is used throughout (with different speeds and chords to suit the mood) to the noise of the dragons - purring, growling, the sounds we associate with other animals to make it realistic but also to easily convey the moods of the dragons to the audience, and the various noises which grow as Stoick and crew approach the nest towards the finale, which serves to unsettle the audience with its gradual build (from barely noticeable to deafening and I barely realised) and then sudden stop when they land at the nest.

Seriously, the people at DreamWorks did a great job. Sound mixers on this were amazing.