• Guy:You're cosplaying as Carrie Kelley! She's my favorite Robin!
  • Me:Thank you!
  • Guy:[turns to girl he is with] Do you know who she's cosplaying as?
  • Me:[stomach drops]
  • Girl:Uh, Robin?
  • Guy:Yeah, but *which* Robin?
  • Me:[screaming internally]
  • Girl:No.
  • Guy:[smugface] She's Carrie Kelley from Dark Knight, the ONLY female Robin.
  • Me:Excuse you.
  • Guy:What?
  • Me:There are, in fact, TWO female Robins. [launches into tirade about Steph Brown]
  • Guy:[silence] [deer in headlights]
  • Girl:Thank you. [hugs me] I'm so glad I got to see that.
  • Me:[to girl] You're welcome. [to guy] Do NOT use me to Fake Geek Girl someone. Ever.

This is a picture of the jackalope (with the antlers removed for this photo) after the parade at Dragon*Con. :D I’d been working on this gal on and off on the evenings since March, and I got her done just in time by staying up late for a few weeks. *wipes forehead* I had a GREAT time wearing her, my and my friend were even chosen to ride in a Cadillac in the parade! <3

She’s already sold to someone - I hope to get lots of better photos within the next month. 


Pics from our Barrel Riders Parade group!  The looks on my friends faces makes me so happy.  This has been a year long dream, and the fact we all had so much fun making it happen fills me with joy.
Thorin - geek-spirations
Ori - korins-cat-pants
Kili - blueeyesdante
Bombur - Foos
Bilbo - hykuw42
Elf King robbed of barrels: thranduart

All photos except the first one are by Kikiama


Holy crap guys! I’m chilling out at Dragoncon 2014 here in rainy Atlanta, GA running around as @synnesai Guns for Hire AU Felix and got to meet these awesome people! On the left of the photo is the voice of Master Chief, Steve Downes while the right is Tom Dadabo aka 343 Guilty Spark. I’m so happy that I got to talk to them and even got called “Reclaimer” by Guilty Spark. I don’t care if anyone argues but Felix is now a reclaimer to me!

These guys were eager to sign the helmet. Sorry Miles but 343 Guilty Spark wanted to be on the top as well. Haha he also drew on it! At least Felix has been approved by the Chief! Also @synnesai, they liked the idea of your AU and the design.

Back to the craziness. Cheers!



Here are some in-cosplay pics and some messy hair getting out of cosplay pics c:

I was:

Friday: Kyle Brofloski

Saturday: BMO

Sunday: Momiji, Marie, Finny (No pic here yet XP)  (Fruits Basket and Black Butler panels!)

Monday: Honey-senpai

Shoot me a message if you saw me!!