FYDB Hot Shot: Jeremiah Goh

First appeared on FYDB here, Jeremiah sent FYDB readers ablaze and he was quick to agree for an interview. Despite the amount of gazers that came across his Twitter and Ask.fm following his premiere on the site, Jeremiah never shy away. He lashes back with perfect humor and sarcasm, all rolled into one.

The former Nanyang Polytechnic dragonboat team captain was suave and in all forms of friendly, giving us an insight to who he is and how his fitness regime look like.

FYDB: So tell us more some quick facts about you.

Jeremiah: I’m 19 this year, currently studying in NYP. I’m also in the NYP DragonBoat team. I somehow stumbled upon this sport through one of my friend, whom pulled me to join the team. Thats how i got into DB.

FYDB: Right. So you fell in love with it, can you say that? 

Jeremiah: Something like that. I like the rush you get when racing together with your teammates. The willingness to go all out for each other.

FYDB: How did you look like before you joined DB?

Jeremiah: Before i joined DB i was rather plump. Or simply put, fat.

FYDB: Do you have a picture of yourself before DB? Because the transformation is so impressive!

Jeremiah: Well… I dont really have a pic before DB. I did not really mind my body at all before DB. Only when i was introduced to DB was i introduced to the gym culture.

FYDB: Describe this gym culture. I’m sure our readers would like to know.

Jeremiah: It is basically the obsession with going to the gym, lifting heavy weights, trying out new exercises and getting the “pump” etc.

FYDB: So what is your diet like? Do you eat clean or eat whatever you want?

Jeremiah: Well I mostly eat whatever I want. Especially when training gets intensive. However I do eat clean every now and then. I believe that one can out-train their diet. Just train longer and harder.

FYDB: How do you manage your gym time with projects etc.?

Jeremiah: Of course, my priority will have to be given to studies. Sometimes I have to cut short my workout due to time constrain. The important thing for me during this time is to ensure my strength, endurance and stamina is maintained and not drop. Its fairly difficult but with abit of extra effort. Its manageable. 

FYDB: So how’s your life like?

Jeremiah: Basically my life outside of training is with my friends. Hangout and stuff. And nope, not attached

FYDB: What can you tell people who were like you, who want to get buff but are skinny now?

Jeremiah: For hardgainers. I would have to say eat dirty, train dirtier. For those who wants to lose fat, its either increase your training intensity/time, or just suck it up and diet.

FYDB: Define training dirty and eating dirty.

Jeremiah: Eating dirty is like eating calorie dense food. For hardgainers, the quality of good does not matter much. Training dirty is really going wall to wall every set. Pushing past the “burn” making every rep count. I personally do not go to failure every set but i do come close to it.

FYDB: How are your workouts like? Everyday? Do you do specific muscle group per day? Details! :)

Jeremiah: I’m a firm believer in compound exercises and supersets. Cardio after the weights is also a must to stay lean. It may sound hard but i normally train for at least 2 hours 6-7 days a week. 

During competition periods i sometimes have double sessions. Sometimes up to 5 double sessions a week. 

I basically train full body every workout. But I do tens to emphasize alot of back exercises coz its specific to my sport. 

FYDB: That’s crazy. Any rest days?

Jeremiah: My only rest day is on a Friday but sometimes I train on that day. It’s mostly freestyle. Its the only day where i ever do body part training.

FYDB: What’s your favorite workout?

Jeremiah: My favourite exercises are weighted pullup, military press, bench pull and bench press. For my own workout. I like to push myself. If I’m not sweating, its not called a workout.

FYDB: So do you isolate muscle groups per session or do you recommend a full body workout every time?

Jeremiah: For athletes, you must do a full body workout every time. Bodybuilders should split their muscle group. Athletes can use isolation exercise IN ADDITION to their full body routine. So if one wants to get bigger bicep, they can do extra sets of bicep curls after they finished their training routines.

FYDB: A lot of people say dragon boaters don’t train legs. But what about you? Do you train your legs? How often?

Jeremiah: [Laughs] I used to be a squat fanatic. Squatting almost everyday. But now i only train my legs twice a week. And the only exercise i do for my legs is squats. However, i vary the reps weekly. Some days i do low reps while other day i do high reps.

FYDB: Well, I think we have it all covered. Thanks Jeremiah!

Jeremiah: You too!


So there you go, Jeremiah’s secret to staying fit and keep a banging bod. Jeremiah’s rise from a plump teenager to a fit, all-rounded muscle head is an inspiring story, one that anyone can accomplish when you put your mind to it.

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