basse danse (aeryn trevelyan + cullen rutherford)

basse danse was the most popular court dance in the 15th and 16th centuries, often in 6/4 time. hemiolas were the most prevalent rhythmic device. four dances, alone and together.

a secret santa gift for silentstephi. I hope I did Aeryn justice!


His callouses bite deep into the soft skin around her wrists, scratching and rubbing at raw places that aren’t necessarily visible. “Oh?” He might scoff, hands warm and solid at the beat of her blood. “You are invulnerable, my lady, lovely and dangerous just the same.”

His head would tilt, peppering her cheeks with kisses, warmth making his eyes shine. Maybe, just maybe, she’d hear a soft exclamation—”Maker’s breath,” or perhaps “Andraste guide me,” for the scrape of those callouses over her skin is more reverent than any before. Invulnerability is possible here in the circle of his arms, chest to chest, heart to heart; she won’t correct him, not in this place.

Half his armor lies discarded on the floor, a smile dancing at the corners of his mouth, and half of this might just be fantasy. She smiles softly, mirroring, hair unbound and muscles loose—if this is a fantasy, then perhaps dreaming isn’t so bad.

They meet, then, hands molding and shaping and making whole.

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So a picture was already posted by dragonageholidaycheer last night, but my Secret Santa gift from darktenshi17 came in with today’s mail so I figured I’d take another pic! I didn’t realize in the original photo that the Circle of Magi and House of Tides emblems are actually magnets, so that’s especially cool. :D Thank you so, so much, hun!!

Now, I just have to figure out where to hang the frame itself, and where I’m going to put my not-yet-ordered collage frame for the Elissa art collage I’m putting together!

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