Dragon Warrior Monsters

Dragon Warrior Monsters
1998 Japan / 2000 North America
Game Boy / Game Boy Color

Dragon Warrior Monsters is a monster collecting RPG offering its own spin on the genre compared to its main competitor, Pokemon.

The combat system is more about planning than action, making it a very passive battle in which you set a plan and trust your monsters will play their roles wisely.

The breeding system is fun to explore with combinations of monsters often resulting in new, powerful offspring as you discover the 200+ monsters available.

The story is light and passable, but the game seems to know its strengths and rarely dwells on the story.

The music is high quality for a Gameboy title, and the sprite work shines in-battle and when looking at monster overworld sprites, but comes off as plain elsewhere.

Dragon Warrior Monster is a different take on the genre made popular by Pokemon, and it definitely has enough going for it to be worthy of standing alongside the pocket monster titles.

What it offers-

Expansive breeding system
200+ monsters
Detailed monster sprites in and out of battle
Interesting ‘passive’ combat system
Grinding is paced differently as your team regularly reverts to Level 1
Fairly lengthy (40 hours~) for a casual playthrough
Additional content after main story is completed
Link Cable compatible (Breeding/Fighting)
Randomly Generated Dungeons

What to look out for-

Passive combat makes some battles either frustrating or boring
Still a grind heavy RPG
Repetitive due to classic RPG nature
Extremely light story

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