Otachi Craft Foam Spine/Tail How-to Post



So at dragon*con I debuted my Otachi gijinka cosplay! The fitting and patterning and rhinestoning on this costume was all stuff I knew how to do. I have never worked with craft foam before. So. Here is a post about a craft foam newbie’s strugglebus. 

For once I decided to take a lot of pictures of my process of something, and I am here to share with you a… well, I wouldn’t be so presumptious as to call it a tutorial. Call it a documentation of my first time ever working with craft foam, all the struggles and tears, and all the things I learned along the way.

More Otachi pics can be found here

This was a super intense process, and this post is mega exhaustive, so this is under a cut!

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Dragon Con 2014 Recap! (at long last)

Dragon Con was last weekend (two weeks ago) and I’m still recuperating. I had a blast as usual, but this year was special because my wife, Elizabeth, went with me for the first time. She wasn’t sure how much she would like it, but she had fun too and we’re already planning to go back next year. 

In preparing to do this recap, I realized I barely took any pictures this year. No pictures of crazy or cool cosplays. Only a few pictures of panels. I guess there are only so many times I can look at a picture of a tiny dot representing some celebrity so I just didn’t bother this year. 

We arrived on Thursday night. We had stopped to buy beer and groceries on the way. We got our badges in record time, checked into the hotel, met up with our friends, ate dinner, finished reading Lev Grossman’s The Magician’s Land, and went to bed early (for Dragon Con at least). Thursday was pretty non-eventful.

Friday was when the fun really began. 

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Oh my glob. Amanda just posted a bunch of photos of our Bob’s Burgers group from Dragon*Con, and I can’t handle how amazing they all are! We had so many people in our group this year, and everyone was perfect! Check out the full photo set here

Edit: Added more photos because I couldn’t help myself. 


Otachi - Dragon*con 2014

Made and modeled by me (FB)
Photography by Soulfire Studios

"Movement in the breach… Category 4…"

Aquarium night at Dragon*con was unbelievable. Otachi was fun to wear during the day, and the Pacific Rim meetup was amazing, but I swear once it got dark out it hit a whole other level of epic kaiju destruction awesome. I felt like I was freaking becoming Otachi, surrounded by all the nighttime marine biospheres - the lights looked sooo cool in the exhibits!! And of course any chance to shoot with Soulfire (a huge Pacific Rim fan) is going to produce incredible work. I feel like Otachi is emerging from the breach in these photos, and she’s about to destroy Hong Kong (or Atlanta). Do your worst, PPDC…

While I consider myself a pretty experienced sewer, I had absolutely never worked with craft foam outside of simple, teensy props. I’m writing up a big breakdown of exactly how I made the spinal column and tail, but for now I’ll just say it was a huge endeavor! There are 162 individual foam pieces in the spine/tail, and 32 LEDs. Phew! Now where’s a Gipsy Danger I can drag into the stratosphere??

More photos and breakdowns can be found here!


Riddler (with and without wig)

Cosplayer: Chronist

Photographer: A grad student friend of mine who I didn’t know did this as a hobby and turned out to be super good at this

Location: My suite’s common room.

Mostly finished two days before Dragon*Con! Going to the Gotham photoshoot and the DC photoshoot (with Joker and Harley Quinn). I still can’t decide about the wig; I like both. I have a feeling I will decide only on the day that I wear it.