And speaking of Snappers…I have a surplus right now. xD

Blood Iridescent / Crimson Shimmer / Maroon Crackle male - 30k

Blood Iridescent / Blood Shimmer / Red Crackle male - 35k

Crimson Iridescent / Maroon Shimmer / Red Crackle male - 30k

Ice Iridescent / Blue Shimmer / Ice Circuit female - 30k

Ice Iridescent / Sky Shimmer / Ice Circuit female - 25k

Ice Iridescent / Splash Shimmer / Ice Circuit female - 30k


Hi tag! :U Long time no see!! This is the first nest I’ve had in a while so I thought to post here.

Batch of shadow/shadow/caribbean triplets!

The mom is a shadow/shadow/teal with lightburst flora and looks pretty excellent so I imagine the carib female here will look the same or better if you put it on. Seems to pair really nicely with a lot of other accents too!

Anyway they’re listed at 30k each.



Other Male

Thanks for looking!



So these cuties are still sitting around.

They’re up for a 30k autobuy in the auction house, tumblr price is 25k, 15k for newbies, or trade me any 5 day old hatchling or adult dragon! (Newbies, tumblr price means instead of just hitting “buy”, set up a trade with me through the crossroads.)

Crossroads go to Sheshan #17783!

midnight ripple /maroon shimmer /steel smoke pearlcatcher seedbearer

midnight ripple /maroon shimmer /green smoke pearlcatcher seedbearer

mulberry ripple /maroon shimmer /lemon smoke ridgeback eggbearer

ivory iri /storm shimmer /banana smoke imp eggbearer

gold iri /violet shimmer/banana smoke imp eggbearer


I couldn’t wait because of course I couldn’t, so

Shiny Crystal babies for sale!

All are crystal/shimmer/smoke. From left to right, top to bottom: 

I tried to price fairly based off the currently somewhat few crystals out there; there is just one page of crystal/smoke wildclaws (and in fact, there is another double gold crystal/smoke priced at 875 gems) and one page and one dragon of crystal/smoke coatls. 

Sales will fund my giving another pair crystal. I’m happy to do holds! 

Thank you for looking, and have a pleasant day!

pg 5-6 of my lair | my hatchery

Y’all seeing this? I got cool-ass shit for sale. First three are my ‘aqua brights’ - they’re absolutely adorable when grown up and very … caribbean-looking? Don’t worry, the clown/current looks really good, AND it’s pretty unique. Two of them are doubles!

The second line of coatls is a line of cool-ass coatls whose dad is a sheriff and whose older siblings go out and hunt witches down or something like that. They’re cool, okay? The last one is a double black, and the platinum one is a girl who would look stunning with crystal (isn’t plat crystal the best)?

Then I got this cool pink/rose/rose imp with matching arcane eyes, just like her momma, and if you don’t want one of those then I feel bad for you, son. I also got a bunch of triple seafoams for sale.

Lastly, some ‘arcane magic’ skydancers. The one on the left is a girl who has the same colors as her dad, and the one on the right is just a damn cool purple skydancer. They just ooze arcane. BUY EM NOW

Everything is 30k or under. I do holds, gem trades, etc — I don’t bite, so message me if you’re interested in something. 



springsong-fr, I’ll waive any cost because you’ve waited so long - that one in the middle there is a rose/blood/carmine boy if you’re still interested!

The other two are both rose/blood/red females, up for grabs! They’re 30k, as they always have been, as they will always remain. Become a part of the Boop Boop Legacy today! Send a CR to Felixitous (#42131) if you’d like one!


Hello and welcome to all the new Flight Rising players after this window it’s a lot of you! I breed LGBTQIA+ Pride Flag Dragons at my hatchery, this includes Rainbow, Asexual Bisexual, Transgender, Genderqueer, Pansexual, and Intersex Pride Flag colour dragons. Here’s a selection of the breeding pairs I have at the moment, with prices mostly between 15kt and 20kt though a couple of pairs are 25kt or 30kt.