For all of my fellow roleplaying gamers out there, let me introduce our new collection of classic RPG class based scents!
With the holidays right around the corner, these would make great gifts for any adventurer!
You can grab them here!

Paladin: A holy knight in shining armor imbued with divine spellcasting abilities, Paladins are both lawful and good. Sandalwood, lemongrass, green tea, and ginger come together to create a scent that is softly masculine and clean yet complex.

Rogue: Rogues are like the cats of classes - sneaky, nimble, silent, and capable of a swift and mortal attack when you’re least expecting it (seriously, I thought he *wanted* to be pet on the belly. How was I supposed to know it was actually an offer to turn my hand into a scratching post?!)
The embodiment of flickering shadows, the whispers half heard, and the soft click of a lock opening, this scent is a combination of exotic floral notes with a hint of musk and rosewood.

Druid: Wielding nature based spells and normally able to shapeshift, Druids are a great mix of healer, dps, and tank. Druids are my personal favorite class to play if only for their ability to communicate with (and summon) animal companions.
This scent is a mixture of earthy and woodsy notes; cassia trees, herbs, and old barnwood. A hefty dose of nature with a bit of a mystical twist, I can imagine this is how a druid might smell (though perhaps only -clean- druids)

Mage: Whether they know magic from years of studying, were born with innate magical powers or perhaps even made a pact with an otherworldly being to be able to wield spells, all magic users make a great addition to any gaming party.
Enigmatic just like most mages themselves, this scent is a mysterious vanilla blended with the soft cotton of mage’s robes.

Cleric: Healers belonging to sacred religious orders, Clerics are a staple of any gaming party.
This scent is something similar to what a cleric’s temple offerings might smell like. Calming, pleasant, herbal… absolutely perfect for any healer!


PSC - The Roleplaying Shenanigans ‘Stair Series

It’s a series that keeps growing, like a monster-demon-thingie unleashed from Pandora’s Box D: WHAT WILL BE NEXT??

Series inspired by this one-shot comic (link is sorta NSFW-ish?)


Selected displayed artworks are available at my Artfire store:

A World Alone | Open

Her eyes stayed focused on the ground, trying to keep her face hidden as she weaved in and out of the large group of bodies that were now gathered in the market place. Aoibhin’s heart raced in her chest as the adrenaline pumped through her bloodstream. This apostate knew that the Circle wanted to keep her locked up in their Circle, which was nothing like the Circle she grew up in while living in Rivain. 

There was a part of her that loved the rush that being on the run gave her. Constantly worried about getting caught was a rushing feeling to her. But she didn’t let that blind her from the actuality of her situation. Aoibhin was a wanted woman, regardless of how she felt. She was now in an unfamiliar place and that gave the Templars the upper hand.

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Open Rp ~ Master's orders

On a quiet night Merethyel left her owners house again bloodied and weak, limping back to her home in the Alienage. Her clothes ripped barely covering anything now and to top her night off she ran into thugs, they were saying things she didn’t wish to hear. Trying to walk past them one grabs at her arm and whispered something in her ear that set her off. Not having her staff on her, her hands began to glow as she raised them towards the man that grabbed her electrifying him. Looking at the rest they ran at her for killing one to ending the fight fast do to a storm of fire killing them, walking past the bodies she spat at them. “Shemlen!” She said in a stern voice limping to her home to only lay outside the door from being so tired and hurt.

OPEN~ To all the followers who wanted one.

Ostagar, the place was as cold and as large as Alistair remember it. Even when that place wasn’t covered in darkspawn bits it was a cold place. The snow had fallen in keeps covering everything that he remembered up and made it early serene, thought he knew what lurked there.  Alistair pulled the heavy fur lined cloak closer to him as if it would help drive away the thoughts of what happened after they had been rescued. 

Alistair trundled through the snow with his companions until the reached the camp area, or what was left of it. Even with the newly fallen snow you could smell the rotting bodies that still lay buried beneath, it was enough to make Alistair stop and need to hurl.  

~Open RP~ The Hanged Man

“I’d like a drink, please” Piers smiles at the bartender. He sits down on one of the stools near the counter and looks around the room.

So this is the famous Hanged Man, The rogue thinks to himself, This place is filthy— and maker, does it reek in here!

The bartender sets the drink down in front of him and Piers slides a copper to him, picking the glass up and taking a swig. His face contorts in disgust, and he sets the glass down.

                      ❝ Sailing is like sex.
                                                  Do it wrong, and it’ll make you sick.
                               But do it right,
                                                   and there’s no feeling in the world like it.

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Within The Flame Bares A Beast ~ Open rp

Another night she was summoned to her Master’s side at a dinner party. Her Master was dressed in his best suit this one night and she didn’t know why, just before his wife dressed her he came in the room to tell her to behave or she was to gain another beating. Merethyel would make sure to listen to him this time since she didn’t want broken bones again. After a bit of time his wife made her look beautiful by working her own magic on her, putting Merethyel in a lovely flowing white dress. 

The night progressed and guests started showing up they looked a bit off to her, they seemed as if there was going to be a show of a sort or something. Soon they began to talk about her, they began ask about if she was the pure mage. It only took a few nods from her master before they had the guards come in and pin her to a wall, this sent Merethyel into a panic she wasn’t sure what to do and she didn’t have her staff with her.

Coming out of the group of watching eyes her master stood in front of her smiling, his smug look turned her stomach as he approached her. Her eyes looking all around her, looking for a way out somehow but didn’t see one, her eyes then focused on a knife in her master’s hand. The blade didn’t look like one she seen before, soon he whispered something to her that angered her. "You know that the only reason why you are here is because your beloved clan didn’t want to tell me about their little secret. I have this little secret here right now in front of me, yes, you guessed it. That would be you." Unsure of what he meant by her it started to click, pure mage translated in her head to white mage and white mages was becoming more and more less each year, let alone one her age. There was something that could be done to her that could turn her to a great power, among her people it was only a tale and she was one of the few. She now wishes she would have given herself in and paired with someone but she wanted to be the Keeper in the future and now she regretted it all. 

Before she knew it her rage took over, her limbs began to tingle as the guards couldn’t hold her down soon. Her form began to change, she began to change, changed into something bigger. Before she realized it she was staring at her master and his guests, a frightening roar escaped her lungs that rattled the city. A dragon she became, her eyes were fierce as she began to decimate the building with everyone in it, bursting the roof of house with fire as well as lighting other things on fire. She wanted them all dead but the one she wanted dead the most was her owner. That slime bag, heartless man killed her people for power and he was going to do the same to her. Swiping at him with all her might in her large form she made sure it killed him, turning to the guest giving them a look of death if they stayed any longer. People running away and screaming from the house caught the Templars attention. Soon the Templars rushed in and was surprised to see a large high dragon in this house. Once she noticed them she breathed fire upon them before flying off. Shifting back to her elven form when she was far enough from the house she found herself limping to her house, she was weak and her shapeshifting put her in even more of a problem since it was her first time doing it.

A short stop away from the Alienage she leans against a wall in a dark corner in Lowtown to rest but ended up falling asleep instead. There she dreamed a dream of happiness.  

The Calamity is raging through Kirkwall, and the survivors have to try to just make it through from one day to the next, while trusting to the Chantry that they will find a cure and hoping the Mage Underground doesn’t do anything too drastic…

An IC chatter/sometimes-plot Chatzy for a Dragon Age Zombie Apocalypse AU! We’re just getting started, so things might be slow—but the more people who pop in and give us a chance, the better it will get!

(One note—please be sure to familiarize yourself with the ‘verse before joining, just so we can avoid continuity errors))

Catered Affairs of the Heart // starter for anderfelsprincess

The Anderfels was never a place that I had endeavored to go on my journeys through the lands. My time in the warden’s had left the place with a bad taste in my mouth whenever I thought of the place, especially when I recalled Riordan’s retelling of the country. Despite abandoning them myself, I had a deep respect for the Warden’s hold to neutrality. However, here, in this arid landscape of brutal heat, it was said the monarchy was week and so the people looked to the warden’s for guidance, that the warden’s were different here than in Fereldan.

Well, mental note to avoid any interactions at Weisshaupt then.’ I thought to myself. 

Today though marked the end of my first week spent in the city of Hossberg. The streets had been all a flutter with bazaars containing fruits the likes of which I had never seen for there was no way that they could have grown in the Fereldan cold. And there was excitement amongst the people the likes of which I had not seen since the coronation of Alistair as King.

My stomach sank at the thought of my former warden partner and I let the thought evaporate like smoke from my thoughts, gone as quickly as it had appeared. Something I had become accustom to.

Tonight was a gathering at the Palace. Some member of the royalty was engaged, and something about that made the kingdom excited. Royalties and their bloody parties. But if there was one thing that I had learned from Leiliana whilst in Orlai, it was how to crash a nobleman’s party. For I, she taught me, need only drop my position as Hero of Fereldan, and people begged for my attendance despite my race. So I grabbed on of my finery dresses for such an occasion and I made for the Palace. It was all procedure from their. Drop a name, sometimes a little smile and flutter of the eyes, for we elves are thought beautiful by most men, and I was in. 

There was a long line in waiting to greet the royalty, congratulate them and what have you, get announced and all the fancy shit. At last I reached the front, and my name was announced in succession. “The Hero of Fereldan, Kyllian Tabris.”


My face serious and demure I adjusted my countenance before I bowed with respect. “An Honor, Your Highness.”