After Hawke returns, word spreads rather quickly that they’re with the Inquisition. Letters for them start to fly in, from friends, family, anyone. One day they get a letter with rather crude handwriting and misspelled words, someone see’s the letter on Hawke’s desk and says

"Aw how cute, is that a letter from a young fan?"

Hawke looks at them and says

"No, my husband."  

  • Cullen and the Inquisitor meeting at night, because both can’t sleep and don’t know how to keep the dreams away
  • Cullen and the Inquisitor not quite sure how to talk about the past and the future, if there even is one, but enjoying each other’s silent company
  • Cullen and the Inquisitor starting to share their memories and beginning to understand  
  • Both of them enjoying their little talks more than they probably should
  • Cullen giving the Inquisitor a little wooden chess piece, something to hold when the night gets too dark
  • 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Geek-Art and French Paper Art Club celebrate the release of ‘Dragon Age Inquisition' in November with an art show, in collaboration with Electronic Arts, that pays tribute to the world of Thedas, with artwork from ten artists, three of which, Kanthesis (top), Dan Mumford (middle) and Guillaume Singelin (bottom) are previewed.

Not many details just yet, but follow them on Twitter @Geek_Art and @FrenchPaperArtC for updates on this special art show.

Tavern Song
  • Tavern Song
  • Female Bard
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Livestream

(thought people would love to listen to the beautiful song, translated the lyrics the best I could by ear.) 

Empress of Fire  

In the reign of the Lion, 

Eclipsed in the eye of the Empire

Of we, of easy eyes.

Empress of Fire, 

What season they come

We fight for the day you restore our hearts,

And bring us to Glory, We are forever in your graces

Empress of Fire, save us, everyone.

The Nation reviles the courses but run and the end has begun.

Empress of Fire, believe in us all,

Embrace us with arms and brace us with swords,

And light up our hearts with blood so warm. We are forever in your graces.

Trying to choose a romance for Dragon Age: Inquisition like:

Me: Hm, let’s see. Who could I romance?

Cullen: Good morning, Inquisitor.

Me: Well, he’s an insteresting character. He seems cute. And hot, too. Maybe…

Cassandra: Hello, Inquisitor.

Me: Oh. Suddenly I’m not so sure…

Iron Bull, Sera & Blackwall: Hello, there!

Me: Oh, no…

Solas, Josephine & Dorian: Did you say something?

Me: OH NO.