First drafts: what they should and shouldn’t be A first draft should have neither too much nor too little importance attached to it. It is a place to work out ideas and explore your story’s potential, but it is generally not the right place to worry about rewrites or line edits.

Writers approach first drafts in a number of different ways. Very few writers produce polished first drafts, and the ones who do tend to be experienced authors. However, even most experienced writers extensively rewrite and revise their first drafts.

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I wanna talk about something for a second because it kinda pissed me off. 

At this point we all know who Michael Sam is. The star defensive end was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round. Plot twist: he’s gay. More importantly, he came out as gay prior to the draft, becoming the first openly gay college football player to be considered for the NFL. While in college he was awarded the SEC Defensive Player of the Year award, one of the highest honors a player on the defense can win - this is important, remember this. Ever since he was drafted Sam has received a ton of media attention, not all of it positive, and his play has been more scrutinized than any other rookie defense player, possibly any other defensive player in general. Despite sparkling performance on the field, and even the Rams coach saying he is completely fit for the NFL, he was cut from the team in final cuts, and even cut from their practice squad. Fortunately, he was picked up for the Dallas Cowboys practice squad. 

So why am I pissed? Here’s why. 

Michael Sam is the first player to received Defensive Player of the Year and NOT be drafted in the first round. In years. His field performance, while limited to his position (he’s not as versatile as other players) was flawless - an important trait for defensive players to have is the ability to put pressure on the quarterback. Not a lot of defenses can pull this off. But he managed to sack the quarterback three times in four games - this included even veteran quarterbacks. He stood on the field against the New Orleans offense, one of the most frightening offenses in the game, and managed to hold his own, even sacking Luke McCown a couple times. 

And yet people are calling this kid mediocre. Saying “who cares about a seventh round pick” (lets ignore that Tom Brady, regarded one of the best quaterbacks in the league, was a sixth round pick). And they keep trying to justify it. Find every excuse to say it isn’t homophobia. 

But it is. It is. Homophobia is why he wasn’t drafted round one despite every DPOY being drafted first in years past. Homophobia is the reason people are taking his top ranking preseason stats and going “Well it’s just preseason (notice they don’t do this with Manziel or any other rookie)”. Homophobia is the reason despite being so phenomenally capable that he only got signed by the skin of his teeth to an incredibly desperate team, and this was only AFTER Cowboys owner Jerry Jones asked the majority of the players if they were okay with it. NO OTHER PLAYER gets this type of scrutiny. So why did Sam get it? Because he’s gay. Because unlike every other player, people look at him and think he has to “prove” it. He has to play twice as hard and twice as well, to “prove” it. 

And that’s fucking bullshit. To think that if he didn’t come out, we may never have heard his name, but he would’ve been drafted first round and put on the team with no question. People saying “He just wants attention” but don’t realize, he’s risking his career by saying this. I’m not going to pretend he’s perfect. But he’s REALLY GOOD. He deserves to play in the NFL. Any other player with his stats, it wouldn’t even be questioned. 

But because he is gay, suddenly every tackle has to be justified. All his stats come with qualifiers. That’s bullshit. People keep saying “Who cares if he’s gay? Just play the game!” Evidently a lot of people fucking care. This kiss happened. Now people care. Your adamant “color blindness” which seems mostly to be “If I pretend it isn’t there maybe it’ll go away” doesn’t change the fact that this kiss sparked lobbyists trying to ban all gay players, many an NFL veterans taking to Twitter to express their disgust, fans all over the country throwing out slurs everywhere on the Internet, and most importantly, endangered the successful career of a kid who has all the potential to be a great player, as testified by the very coaches who cut him anyway. 

That said, thank you to the Dallas Cowboys who gave him the chance he rightfully deserves. I’m not a Cowboys fan, but my roommate is, and she’s quite excited about Sam’s prospects, as am I. 

- Mod Dawes Sr.

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Aries: clusterfuck, sweet, whimsical, brilliant, confident, honorable

Taurus: stubborn, hardworking, dependable, nice, sweet and caring, artistic, sexy

Gemini: crazy, wicked, two toned, voiceturous, talkable, clever, cute, silly, mad

Cancer: gorgeous, funny, lovable, weirdos, quite cute and endearing

Leo: wow, stunning, gorgeous, quite so, really fantastic,

Virgo: studious, retentive, inspectuos, perfectionist, roomy, ten pillows tall, good at finding the most important details, kind of sad, does very wonderful things and thinks of many wonderful things

Libra: heartbreakers!!!!

Scorpio: clever, decisive, infatuable, colorful, full of secrets, frozen, funny, careful, lots of passion and desire especially for their purpose, keen, comfortably walks into the shadows. Deep, Probably the best, well of knowledge and secrets, jumps into dangerous situations, sprays fabreeze everywhere, feels all the emotions intensely

Sagittarius: wise, dignified, loyal, jovial, compassionate, always reaching for the stars, dominating, friendly, serious, bashful, cultivating

Capricorn: industrial, strong, unforgettable

Aquarius: wacky, insane, delightful, trippy, exciting!, treacherous, weird amounts of enthusiasm, tropical hola dancers, oneness with humanity, grace and formability, openess, suave, insightful, magician, they do it for the thrill of it

Pisces: intrinsic, beauty, a cave of wonders, a wave of dreams, ocean of memories, surrender, out in the universe, all the dreams all the prettiness of the sky

A Rolex doesn't tic and neither does a heart.

I was on the phone with a friend last night, and we were talking about sex, dating, relationships and all that jazz. He’s been seeing this girl for about two months now and he was telling me how deep of a connection he feels he has with her and how he’s ready to get serious with her and maker her his girlfriend. He ended up admitting to me that he is in love with her, but he doesn’t want to tell her by fear of scaring her off because “it’s too early in the relationship”.


Yoko Ono once said that time is a concept that humans created. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Another quote I love is “Time doesn’t exist, clocks do”. Basically, what I really want to say is that we humans, always feel the need to define everything around us based on the amount of time that elapsed between the moment X thing was created and now. And among those things, relationships.

When should I introduce her to my friends/family? Is it too early to have sex? When is it okay to ask for exclusivity? Is it okay to say “I love you” after X months of dating? When should we move in together? Why hasn’t he ask me to marry him already, it’s been X months/years!

We’ve all asked ourselves some of those questions, or at least know people that have.

My point is, there is no such thing as good timing when it comes to matters of the heart; we cannot control how we feel and even less when to feel it. Some people fall in love “earlier” than others do, that is all. That shouldn’t make them come off as crazy, desperate or eager. They’re just honest with their emotions.
Time is manmade, feelings are innate. We shouldn’t have to impose something so unnatural on something so pure. Yet we do.

Now to come back to the conversation I was having with my friend over the phone ( and continued on facebook), it’s all about being honest. I told him that as long as they are on the same page, there shouldn’t be anything to worry.
…just thought I’d write a post on it as I found our exchange was quite interesting and worth blogging about.