"Ripped from Cashmere Cat’s guest-mix for the BBC Radio 1 Show with Rob da Bank 19/01/13"

If you haven’t heard of Cashmere Cat, go check out their recently released EP on Pelican Fly. Two of my favorite songs are also remixes they did; one of Drake’s ‘No Lie’ and Lana Del Rey’s ‘National Anthem’, both are amazingly beautiful songs. Show some love vvvv


my MAMA confronted me today and asked me “why do u like drake all of a sudden ?” and I felt so cornered i was like i can’t love what i love ? n she told me all he does is talk in his songs n i truly went to the bathroom n listened to come thru on repeat for 15 minutes i can’t even love drake in my own home……


Benny Banks - Pound Cake Freestyle

Although we’re way past bored with the Pound Cake freestyles, Benny Banks goes in as always.