Hello everyone!!

Here’s my guide to a perfect dash, simply follow everyone in this list and your tumblr experience will be like it’s christmas every day!

These special people have made my tumblr perfect and i want to thank them and wish everyone a very merry christmas. And don’t worry if you are not on this list, it doesn’t mean i don’t love you. If you are on this list and we don’t talk, then we definitely should!

Lots of love and the best for 2014 - Anu

(btw xmas urls are in brackets)

a-e: acciopeverell, accio-severussnape, ahlohomora(frostyhogwarts), allisonsdimples, bravesnape, buckbeakisback, capitolescorts, caughthesnitch(weasleywonderland), cedicdiggor(jinglepotter), c-ruciolestrange(r-udolphlestrange), deadsrius(dracochristmas), dearsnuffles(padmistlefoot), draco-do-you-mind-if-i-slytherin, d-radcliffe, emotionslikeateaspoon

f-n: fantasticremus, fiendfyred, flipenddo, fuckingderek, gallifreyfalls, hotbrotherzachariah, ignotuspeverell, jenamalonie, lilypottar, lordmalfoy, lupuslaahey, lovegud(christmascapitol), mallfoys, misteriddle, mollywheasly, nevillethehero

o-w: ohcrucio, ohdearhermione, ohmy-cedric, peppermintprongs, potterparselmouth, proffesorlupin, quillsandink, ronaldweasl-y, slythorin, struttinglikeapotter, triwizardry, watrbebding(snowingsirius), weasleypatronus(magicalsnowman), werewolfpatronus