how do people honestly think that draco malfoy is cool

this little twerp was an eleven year old who shakes hands with other eleven year olds like they’re securing a business deal and spent hours working on badges that said POTTER STINKS and glared at his /archenemy/ from three tables over because he’s weirdly obsessed with harry

also. no twelve year old has an archenemy.

draco malfoy is so not cool, he’s incredibly lame and tries too hard and uses bad pick up lines that never work and cries when he gets a spot on his newest robe and creates anger between himself and harry just for something to do and probably loves cats and befriends the biggest Slytherin boys just so he won’t get beat up

draco my trash son

i don’t know if i can take one more post mentioning his ~aloofness~ and ~mysteriousness~ i’m sorry that’s just hysterical.

One of my absolute favorite things is DrarryShipper!Narcissa. You know she adores them together. I like to imagine that Harry had a great respect for her after the war, and they would get together and chat every so often. They would get close because honestly a mother’s opinion who’s not Molly is refreshing sometimes, and she would talk about Draco to him all the time and Draco would be like “omg mom y u do this to me ur soo embarrassing” and Harry would come over to the Manor for tea and Narcissa would literally force them into confined spaces okay don’t tell me this doesn’t happen.