Materials: cutting mat, x-acto knife or other craft knife, newspaper or other disposable paper to avoid bleeding through to the back of the shirt, straight edge or ruler, masking tape, brush, ink or some other paint, shirt

Steps:1) pre-wash shirt
2) tape out square
3) trim excess tape using x-acto or other blade, this isn’t necessary for painting inside the square, but necessary for painting outside, I wasn’t sure what I wanted when I cut off the tape
4) *not pictured* put newspaper or other paper inside the shirt and smooth out wrinkles
5) carefully peel the tape and press it into place on the shirt, running your fingernail, bone folder or similar tool along the edges of the tape to get it as flush with the fabric as possible
6) paint away from the tape in the desired direction
7) wait for ink/paint to dry
8) remove tape
9) *not pictured* heat set using an iron, put a piece of newsprint between the shirt and the iron to avoid getting ink/paint on the iron, don’t iron with steam

if you have any questions etc, feel free to ask